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    - Mononoke
    Wondrous display of animation, with enigmatic and canny main protagonist, who is flamboyant in every aspect of his appearance. Absolutely engrossing story, amalgamation of supernatural and detective genre with specific melancholic tones make this anime one of the best one I had pleasure of watching.

    - Guin Saga
    Extremely underrated anime who animation wise definitely belongs to top tier - qua captivating display of landscape, meritorious use of colors, affection towards minor details. Regaling fusion of fantasy and politics, meticulous development of characters, with all enveloped in heavenly tunes - makes this anime ostentatious in every manner.

    - Oban Star Racers
    While I usually dislike any sort of racing, I was completely won by the way this anime presented it - via splendidly written story, and nice animation. Not to mention very lovable main protagonist, and many emotionally emphasized moments which provoke tears.

    - Soul Eater
    Mostly on this list due to extraordinary comedic moments provided by the obsession with symmetry of a certain character. In general Soul Eater is a nice Shounen anime who actually doesn't suffer from mass amount of plot holes and inconsistency, except the stupefying end, albeit overall provides a decent amount of enjoyment.

    -Shaman King
    Without much elaboration, and prolonging, one of the best Shounen anime(s) I had the pleasure of watching.
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