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    - Mononoke
    Wondrous display of animation, with enigmatic and canny main protagonist, who is flamboyant in every aspect of his appearance. Absolutely engrossing story, amalgamation of supernatural and detective genre with specific melancholic tones make this anime one of the best one I had pleasure of watching.

    - Guin Saga
    Extremely underrated anime who animation wise definitely belongs to top tier - qua captivating display of landscape, meritorious use of colors, affection towards minor details. Regaling fusion of fantasy and politics, meticulous development of characters, with all enveloped in heavenly tunes - makes this anime ostentatious in every manner.

    - Oban Star Racers
    While I usually dislike any sort of racing, I was completely won by the way this anime presented it - via splendidly written story, and nice animation. Not to mention very lovable main protagonist, and many emotionally emphasized moments which provoke tears.

    - Soul Eater
    Mostly on this list due to extraordinary comedic moments provided by the obsession with symmetry of a certain character. In general Soul Eater is a nice Shounen anime who actually doesn't suffer from mass amount of plot holes and inconsistency, except the stupefying end, albeit overall provides a decent amount of enjoyment.

    -Shaman King
    Without much elaboration, and prolonging, one of the best Shounen anime(s) I had the pleasure of watching.
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    One Piece..




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    My Top 5 Favorite Animes are...

    1) Fairy Tail

    2.) Gantz

    3.) Naruto

    4.) Bleach

    5.) Rosario + Vampire Seasons 1 and 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trilight View Post
    1. Cowboy Bebop
    2. DragonBallZ
    3. Umineko No Nako Kori Ni
    4. Outlaw Star
    5. FLCL
    Gosh I posted this over 2 years ago. Man time flies.

    I don't know if I should revise my list as all those series are special to me in their own way, but I can comprise a list of 5 new series I've watched since then which are worth looking into. In no specific order.

    Anohana - Only check this one out if you have a high tolerance for mindnumbingly, depressive/sweet storytelling. It's really short at only 11 episodes, but each one is used in a very effective manner to advance the plot and give the characters more depth. I went into this one expecting something good, but man did I get more than I bargained for. At this point the only anime that has gotten me close to shedding a tear, really heartwarming stuff here. In a nutshell, it's about a young girl who passed away and has somehow come back as a spirit which only one of her childhood friends can interact with. She then tries to get her friends, who have since drifted apart as a result of her death, back together.

    Ungo - Another short series which likewise clocks in at 11 episodes. This one really flew under the radar and it's a shame as I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's a mystery series where a "failure" detective goes about solving the usual types of situations you'd come to expect out of these offerings alongside a pint-sized sidekick who has the ability to transform into a voluptuous, older woman with the power to make someone answer any question truthfully at least once. There's some great subtext about government meddling and censorship issues as well hidden amongst the main storyline, so I'd definitely recommend this one.

    Chihayafuru - This was another surprise as I didn't think this one would become one of my faves. It's based on a Josei manga, which are usually pretty good (Nana was up! ^_^ even it it's technically just a very mature shoujo I think?) Anywho, it's technically a sports show, but teeters arguably more on the dramatic and romantic side of things while also adding a healthy dose of comedy as well. I really grew to love these characters as time went on, they're not a group of people you'd usually see spend time together as they are all very different, but they just click in a way that really works. Long story short a young girl makes it her dream to acquire the title of the Queen of Karuta, which if you didn't know is a Japanese game where phrases from poems are read and people must quickly try to gain the card which corresponds to the poem being read. Not the best explanation I know, but even after having watched all 25 episodes I don't know the ins and outs of the game very well. To be honest, while those segments were great I was more invested in the character's interactions and what they go through as both a group and individually. Really stimulating, energetic which may come as a shock, and all around fun series. And even better it's getting a second season.

    Mawaru Penguindrum - Now this one especially means a lot to me, as it was the very first anime I watched in its entirety through it's initial Japanese run as it was airing. It's essentially what got me into watching anime recreationally, for better or worse. But yeah, to say it's a bit odd would be an understatement. Although it has penguins, and I don't know many people who can deny their awesomeness. It's about two older brothers who take their sickly, younger sister to the aquarium one day and unfortunately she dies. By some miracle a penguin hat which they bought for her as a present brings her back to life, as some sort of spirit resides in it. She then demands that the brothers obtain the eponymous 'Penguin Drum' which they figure to be a diary held by a very eccentric, young girl. Hijinks ensue, and one hell of an original if not outright bizarre storyline commences. Definitely check this one out if you're tired of the same old same old, as I can guranDAMNtee you've never seen anything quite like this.

    Baccano - I actually bought this one, as it was a critically acclaimed series and I wanted to buy an anime. This alongside School Rumble, was the first anime purchase I've made since my days as a youth picking up DBZ and Pokemon tapes on VHS (Anybody remember those? ) Right off the bat the story sets itself apart by having multiple story paths which take place in different years, and you'd think that'd be confusing right? Well, actually they're pretty easy to differentiate and they always make sure to illustrate the year at which the events are taking place. The fact that they all manage to connect and intertwine together to fashion one complete and coherent tale only serves to amplify just how good this story is. Anyways, mobsters are running amok, a train's been hijacked by some lunatics, and one young heiress is getting mixed in with the wrong crowd while trying to find her older brother. Set in 1920's New York, this is another one which grabbed me from the get-go and didn't let go until all was said and done. Fantastic and short series, only 16 episodes and that's counting the OVA specials. I'd also recommend the dub even if you're a sub type, as the voice actors really nail the tone of the ever blustery and dangerous streets of New York during the roaring 20's.

    And...I wrote way more than I anticipated. Ah well, I had fun doing it. If anyone decides to pick these series up I'll just happen to be pleasantly surprised. >_<

    Oh, woops brainfart. Definitely check out Tiger and Bunny too. Best action series I've seen in I don't know how long. If you were ever a fan of say Power Rangers, or their original Sentai counterparts for instance this series will be right up your alley. 8 Superheroes compete to see who is the grandest of them all, and a new tag team between the seemingly washed up but always heroic Wild Tiger and the new and brash, pretty boy Bunny is what drives the main narrative. God just thinking about it makes me want to watch a few episodes again. It's also getting dubbed in English, so you could wait for that too. Anyways, couldn't finish without mentioning its awesomeness. Please excuse me for my OCD. u_u

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    hard one...
    I'll just name a few of different genres that i love:
    One piece (pirates)
    Hikaru no go (how can they make an anime about a boardgame this amazing...)
    capeta (cart-racing)
    eyeshield 21 (american football)
    golden boy (amazing horny perv & most hilarious anime out there)

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    Konjiki No Gash Bell.
    I consider it to be a hilarious and underrated series. I still enjoy it despite the fact that they completely left out the last arc.

    Cromartie High School.
    Remember watching it when I was younger and wondering what was even going on. Certainly a staple of the favorites for those who were lucky enough to have been a part of watching G4 back when they had Anime Unleashed.

    Eureka Seven
    Great story, great characters. The only love story anime I will ever enjoy.

    Lupin the 3rd/The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
    I remember Lupin being one of the first anime I had watched on Adult Swim and it stuck as more of a nostalgic series
    that reminded me of care free days and hilarious antic. One would think guys(and some girls) would only like "the Woman Called Fujiko Mine" because you'd get to see more of Mine than you couldve ever hoped to have seen in the earlier series, but this latest installment has a brilliant story and amazing artwork that shouldn't be ignored.

    Dragon Ball
    Better than DBZ imo. A very entertaining series that after years and years of re watching still makes me laugh.

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    1. Bleach

    2. Naruto Shippuuden

    3. High School DxD

    4. Gantz

    5. Fist of The North Star OVA

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