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    Aren't we forgetting something here? Like Tite Kubo's love for parallels?
    According to Grimjoww's flashback, in order for a Gillian to progress into an Adjucha a single entity has to rise among the countless entities rite? And in order for Adjucha to transform into Vastelord it needs to eat others wif similiar power levels(or higher). So if we were to take Tite Kubo's love for parallels into consideration,

    When Ichigo still had his hollow inside him, he was a Gillian, because the definition for Gillian is multiple entities that mix, rite?
    When Ichigo defeated his hollow self, a single entity rose through the other entity, thus he has progressed to an Adjucha class(proof for this is above)
    So, now Ichigo has defeated Grimjoww(including the three-digit guy), who is his level, all he needs to do is to defeat(which is basically the same as eating, as shown when Grimjoww merely beats the other guy{I forgot the name} and Shao Long says he can no longer evolve. Before this, it was stated that if an Adjucha is eaten, it can no longer evolve) more Espada that are stronger than him and he'll progress to Vastelord class and own Aizen.
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