Yes yes, It's time we dedicate a thread about sharing Korean Manhwa titles.

Korean Manhwa is basically Manga made in Korea, but instead of reading it from right to left - up to down, you read it from left to right - up to down.

There are quite some good titles out there that need to get more attention of the public .

I shall list a few titles I've read so far and liked a lot.

Most korean manwha series have good ecchi btw :3.

The few titles I currently follow:

  • UnbalanceX2 [AKA: Unbalance X Unbalance , UxU] Ecchi (Scanlated by KMTS)
  • The Breaker Ecchi, Action (Scanlated by KMTS)
  • Zippy Ziggy Comedy, Ecchi, GenderBender? (Scanlated by RyColaa)
  • Ping Action (Scanlated by Dredshi & KMTS)

Now there are a few groups I know that scanlate Korean Manwha.


If you have more to share, please do so.