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    Kujaku-Ou ~ Ogino Makoto

    Hi all,

    I'm new here...
    Just wanna check if anyone remember this old manga...

    Kujaku Ou aka Peacock King..

    I read it when i was young...
    wonder if it still around


    Summary from Baka-Updates:
    Kujaku is a Buddhist monk who specialize in exorcism, devil hunting. He is a member of Ura-Kouya, a secret organization in Japan that specialize in demon hunting. In the first 3 volumes, Ogino wrote independent short stories about Kujaku's demon hunting. But in volume 4, it evolves into an epic saga against a secret evil organization lead by The Teachers of Eight Leaves. The goal of The Teachers of Eight Leaves is to revive Peacock King and Snake King, and allow them to fight each other to give birth to the ultimate Dark Buddha.
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    Hey there welcome to the site,
    Here's info on Kujaku Ou by the way


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    yup, that's the one..
    anyway i can read it.
    Btw, currently i'm translating a manga series, Saint Seiya Original as it seem like it hard to get out there.
    I know, i know, its a very old manga. But still one of my favourite. I'm currently posting it is another hosting site. If anyone from here is interested, inform me, i'll upload it here as well..


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    I am interested in Kujaku Ou. Anyway you can upload this comic with english translation?

    Thank you

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    Yes of course I remember Kujaku Ou .In fact I am quite interested for it.I am really thankful to Archiel for sharing that link about Kujaku-Ou..That is really a cool link.Please keep sharing more such links or information if possible.I want to collect all those.

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    I have all the 17 books of peacock king now, just finished translating the 1st book from indonesian translated comic to english. Just wondering if anyone interested? where should i upload it?

    Book 1
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