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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregge View Post

    All the translators do this for free.

    I can not belive that people whine about something that is free. If you want it out faster, learn Japanese and translate it yourself.

    It's done when it's done. Be it today or in two days.
    I would love to translate it, however, I don't know how to get the latest japanese release or otherwise to do so. The only time I get the RAW or whatever is after the releases.

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    Get in contact with a group then. Most groups are always in desperate need of translators. I am sure they would love the help. In the mean time we wait.

    Dang they do really good quality scans.
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    You can download the whole chinese version here:
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    Ah great, there is a scan now. Now 'only' some cleaners need to come and translators, and we're all set. I was wondering where the scans where, normally some would show in the spoiler thread, but it took a while this time (though i don't mind waiting, i am just stating a fact).

    So any translator/group out there, take your time; if you release something i'd prefer a high quality rather then a speedy but not high quality release (i really miss binktopia's releases! )

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    Okay so if anyone still can't wait and would be satisfied with just the raw then here it is:

    That's no raw, but a chinese scanlation. - damnz

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    Here's some translations:

    Translation by blind (narutochaos)

    Page 1:

    I'm slowly becoming stronger, is Erosennin watching me?

    Chapter 418: "Sage" Naruto!!

    Page 2:

    "Unmoving", passed!!

    Not bad

    Page 3:

    I don't believe it...

    To be at this level without using the oil...

    Page 4:

    Page 5:

    A sage's characteristic facial features are shown!

    And he didn't turn into a toad! Which is also to say Naruto has surpassed Jiraiya, and have become a real sage!

    Now, the Sage chakra is even more powerful than when he used th oil.

    How do you feel?


    Like I've merged with the environment...



    Off balance...


    Page 6:




    Brush off

    It didn't hurt that much...

    Page 7:

    That's Sage mode

    Every aspect of your body has been enhanced.



    Sage mode

    Since you have successfully activated Sage mode, might as well begin the last portion of training.

    Eh!? Last part...What else is there?!

    Sparring with Sage chakra.

    I'll teach you the Toad's fighting style!!

    Page 8:


    Page 9:


    Seems like we're too late...

    Page 10:

    Looks like a success!'s still not quite perfect...


    I need to pratice more with Sage mode...

    Can't let anyone else see

    Fu--- Fu----

    Page 11:

    Code breakers

    The code says, "The real one enters"

    Then, Pein is using genjutsu on the six bodies

    Along another one that from Akatsuki...

    Perhaps he ambushed Jiraiya-sama...

    No...I don't think that's it.

    Fukusaku has said that Jiraiya-sama was actually kill by stabbing by those six body

    Also...even though three of the bodies were defeated, they came back to life as it nothing happened...

    That would seem like an unbelievable genjutsu...

    Page 12:

    You can't judge those from Akatsuki with common sense

    There are even immortals within them...

    Either way, we should deduce as much as we can With the information that we have.

    What a powerful genjutsu wonder my technique doesn't work...

    Page 13:

    No...someone put up a defense in his brain

    To get past it would be difficult.

    This should be this Pein's jutsu then?

    Please be carefull, there could be a genjutsu trap.

    I understand.

    Page 14:

    Autopsy room.

    Page 15:

    Page 16:

    Page 17:

    Let's let the world feel some pain...

    God arrives!!


    A sudden attack, what will Konoha do!? Next chapter, begins "Arrival"...!!
    Translation by Yasha (narutofan)

    I combined some of the translations posted above and my own (based on the chinese scans here). My part may not be accurate. Take it with a grain of salt.

    418: Sennin-Naruto


    Sidetext: I'm getting stronger one step at a time... is Ero-Sennin watching...?


    Text: Staying motionless is accomplished!

    Fukasaku: Not bad.


    Fukasaku: He'd really done it... being able to reach this point without using the toad oil.


    Fukasaku: The face marking, which is the proof of Sennin-mode, has appeared, meaning he'd succeeded! He's not transformed into a toad one bit! Does that mean Naruto-chan is an even better Sennin that Jiraiya-chan?

    Fukasaku: Looks like he's able to have more Senjutsu chakra than the time he was using the oil.

    Fukasaku: How does it feel?

    Naruto: Yeah… I guess it feels like I'm 'one with Nature'.

    Naruto: Whoa!


    Naruto: Waaaaaaaaaa

    Naruto: Ouch…

    Naruto: ...wait… it actually doesn't hurt so much…


    Fukasaku: That's Sennin-mode. Your body gets activated in a certain sense.

    Naruto: Wow… Sennin-mode!

    Fukasaku: Now that you're able to use the Sennin-mode, let's begin the final stage.

    Naruto: What?! A final stage… you mean there's more?

    Fukasaku: Kumite (sparring) by Sennins using Senjutsu chakra. I will be teaching you the fighting style of the Kawazu (Toad) Kumite!!


    Nin 1: Jay!?

    Nin 2: We're late...


    Naruto: It seems like I've finally succeeded!

    Naruto:'s still far from perfect...I need to practice more with Sennin-mode...

    Naruto: ...and I can't let other people see it yet.


    Sign: Secret Code Department

    Shikamaru: The code "there is no real one"...

    Shikamaru: Does it mean the 6 men called Pain were a genjutsu? Maybe it was created by the Akatsuki girl present at that time...

    Shikamaru: She must have attacked Jiraiya-sama from the shadow.

    Sakura: No...that doesn't make sense. According to Fukasaku, the toad leader, Jiraiya-sama was indeed stabbed to death by the 6 men with weapons.

    Sakura: Um...3 of them were defeated but they later came back to life. It's so unbelievable, just like a genjutsu...


    Shikamaru: Regarding Akatsuki, we can't use common sense. There was even one among them who was immortal.

    Shiho: Anyway, before getting any further information, we will try our best speculating.

    Sign: Konoha Hidden Department of Information

    Yamanaka Inoichi(?): Such a powerful genjutsu wonder the Veritaserum* (well, not literally, something with a similar effect anyway) doesn't work.

    Inoichi: No good...someone's put a protection inside his mind. Getting past this will be hard...

    Ibiki: Probably some jutsu used by that guy called Pain. Be careful, he might've set up a genjutsu trap or something.

    Inoichi: Yeah... I know.


    Text: The God has descended!!

    Pein: From here on out... let the world feel the pain.

    Facing a sudden attack, what is Konoha going to do?
    Next: "Descent" to be continued...

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    Ok, check the spoilers for some trans.....they are not mine.

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    Here the tranlated version:

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    Do we have any explenation why Sleepyfans did not bring out their scan/release? Is there something wrong? Or is this a one-time thing?

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