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    Let's review who are the major characters that are, in my opinion, important, and is still anonymous to the reader.

    1) The owner of the Heart
    2) Cross's assassin
    3) Remaining Noahs

    Let's start from the bottom, shall we? The Finders had said that G may be some sort of Innocence, so it cannot be a Noah, as Innocence is poisonous to them. Of course, there may be exception, but let's leave it at that; Noahs cannot wield Innocence.

    At the time of G's arrival, the greatest buzz must be around Cross' death. Would a author be so dense to immediately release such an important fact so quickly? Furthermore, we have yet to see G having any devastating offensive, but he does have great defenses (able to change bodies wtf). Of course, G might have changed bodies to kill Cross and then go on its petty run of thief. However, G seems the stereotypical petty pickpocket that like to be in the limelight (announcing his every move) , so would he let something like defeating a general in one hit go unnoticed? I do think that it is very unlikely.

    So, I think that G is indeed the Heart. Perhaps, it is a kind of very mischievous Innocence, fully compatible with everyone but its power is so strong that even Link could not resist it with his mental might (seen from the chess scene where he won someone who must be great in chess).

    This might be rough around the edges as im scratching my infinitely huge balls as i type, so yep, there you go.

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    I disagree. The Earl said that the Heart is likely with somebody in hiding. G is incredibly rash and pompous with his moves and exposes himself to the world. G isn't the Heart.

    As for G killing Cross, again, no. For now, he seems like a goofy thief that came across the Innocence. That's all there seems to be to it.

    I wonder how this will tie out, though. A potential Innocence bearer, one that may be chosen by God, committing thievery. Hopefully, that shows itself later.

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    I also disagree. Grave made good points, but I also believe the heart will be revealed in a much more dramatic instance. And I also believe it will be closer to the end of the series.

    I honestly am not sure about the whole Cross thing, if he's dead, who killed him or injured and captured him. I just don't know. Lvellie himself said it was someone within the order, from central most likely - I believe it was a possible Noah assassination - But I don't think G even knows what an innocence is, and happened upon something that gave him the ability to do whatever he wants without any problems.

    I also don't know if he'll be a compatible user. There have been many instances in the earlier episodes and manga chapter, where people have used Innocence, but were not compatible. But if he is. I'd like to see the order actually pin him down and make him work for them. THAT'D be tricky. lol.

    Also - If G can mind control Kanda he WINS big. I think that Kanda's the only one that he wouldn't be able to take control of if he tried, lol. But if he can, lols all around.(He did get Link, and thats pretty impressive).

    okay I'm done now, lol.

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    Couldn't it be just some new guy the author plans to bring in to the team ?
    Some random story line from some random part of the world (Like Miranda and Krory)

    After all, since the Ark Arc, she did say that all the remaining exorcists are those in Tiedoll's team and Cross's team. (Inc the 4 Generals.)

    So maybe he's just gonna be some new guy they add to the travelling party until she actually continues on with the main story line.
    My 2 cents anyways.

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    They said G may be an Innocence, not G is an Innocence.

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    thanks, not really many people read around here, do they? haha

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