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    Quote Originally Posted by tinatinaww View Post
    Hancock?! I can't believe it! In one piece manga, Hancock is just about 10 years older than Luffy, can she be Luffy's mom? is it possible?
    no no no!
    This is really getting old. Read the date of the Post. It was a guess before Hancock was introduced.

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    What was said in the intro post to this thread about whoever Dragon cared about enough to have a son with being on of the reasons for his hatred of the WG, I feel like that has hit it right on the head. Whoever Luffy's mother is has to have been in a similar situation that Sabo was in. Killed by the corruption.


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    you are so specially ,since i read one piece manga, i never think who is luffy's mother, though i had been thougth who is luffy is father, and do he have some relationship with somebody who has a D in their names. but i think, luffy's mother, she must is very fun girl, maybe luffy's character is genteric from her. .

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    I'd also like to find out whose Nami's biological parents are. Bellemare found her and Nojiko in the middle of a tremendous battle. Is Nami the daughter of a villager, a pirate, a marine, or someone else. We don't know much about the battle after all.

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