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    Direct Download Site for Anime

    Having just accidently posted this on the naruto anime section as i didn't see this page, i would like to direct you to a very good site for recent episodes of anime that hosts many different shows, and all available for download within a short time of release and at relativley fast download speeds.

    This site however does not have archives for series it only hosts the recent episodes as far as i know.

    Edit: incase they haven't got something you want if demand is high enough or if they simply like it, they have a requests section on their forum for anime, if you provide a link to the torrents or w/e.
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    Not bad. Around 200k kb/sec for me, they don't have alot of new stuff though. It's not a great selection.

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    Thanks! I don't know any sites to download them at all.

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  4. #4 is a very good site.
    It has a truck load of series and all the episodes, it updates constantly.
    though the files are in .rmvb format, so real time player is required. is also a good site if you don't mind downloading from megaupload is another site with .rmvb files, it has a a good quantity of series and some that are hard to find elsewhere

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    you can try
    they have alot of anime and mangas

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