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    D.Gray-man D.Gray-Man 173 Discussion / 174 Predictions

    I wonder who the Phantom G really is ^^

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    I get the feeling that G isn't such a bad guy. I wonder why he steals...

    It looks like Allen is finally feeling a little bit better, and it's really strange to say this, but it's because of Cross. It seems like Cross knew him better than I thought.

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    What do you mean the drawings are bad?!?! I think they're great!
    Anyways~ I reeeaally wanna know what this G is, he's so weird!

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    Same here, I'd love to know who this G person is. And i loved this chapter and the art. Allen looks like he's gonna make a new path for himself and he's not as polite anymore!!! I dunno if i should be happy about that or not... Guess i'm kinda happy, but i also miss the old Allen.
    As for G, I think it's some kinda mind control innocence coz Link just quickly changed his attitude, just like that, so i doubt that the innocence lets the host change in apperence... although it is possible. And if i'm right, the real G was probably close by in order for this to happen and i think G was - he/she was on the rooftop.
    I'm just looking foward to the next episode! Hopefully we'll get more information on this G! And i'm just confusing myself here... sorry if i ranted non-sense
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    I noticed the artwork in this chapter was a little sketchy, but not enough for me to be snippy about it. At first I thought G was transferring to people through touching the crown, but then I got proved wrong. Darn! I hope they get G to become and exorcist, I bet he would make a pretty good one. Oh, I wonder if Allen is going to beat Link senseless before he runs around claiming to be G. xD I can't help but think that would be hilarious... >_> Link would be like, "WTF M8!" and Allen would sweatdrop and and go "LOL IDK, my bff timcampy?" I'm happy Allen is going to be himself and not appearantly wear the mask of Mana... (Which looked vaguely like a Guy Fuax mask -> Epic Fail guy?) O_O

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    An ok chapter, but I'am missing the action and main plot!
    Btw, if the Phantom leaves a message, on when and what he/she's stealing, then why not relocate the object before it's stolen? lol well that's just an obvious thought right? :3

    Anyway, I'am making 2 predictions: 1#, Phamton-G can't control people who can use Innocense(Exorcists) and 2#, one of Allen's new power-ups, if any, will involve on him putting on a mask(Clown mask), just like Ichigo from Bleach.

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    I think G might have something to do with the 14th. He can transfer his mind, or will, to other bodies.

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    I noticed that G uses a thread-like substance to indicate that that person is infected by G... I wonder how it is done..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Interwebz View Post
    I noticed the artwork in this chapter was a little sketchy,
    yea! i thought it was just me, i thought it was incredibly sketchy tho... she used a lot less tones and there was a lot of whites (there used to be a LOT more black... and her lines are different..) maybe she changed assistants or something

    - not that i'm really complaining...

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    Jeese the art is messing up again! Oh well its okay, Allen's personality seems to be changing to. But is it of his own accord or the 14th's? It seems like its his choice but who knows the 14th could be doing something behind the scenes.
    And Link is G now eh? Will they pummel Link then? XD

    @addenza: A thread? I didn't notice, let me re-read it later.

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