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    Hidan is probably dead. I think it was mentioned in the databook that for him to keep on liviing he needed to kill people. And since he's been trapped in that hole he's dead

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    Do you guys realize this was awnsered in the Databook Hidan is immortal because he went thru a special kinjutsu ritual of that jashin religon. He has to kill ppl to stay immortal, without the ability to kill anyone he will probably die.
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    Agreed with POW, Hidan is most likely dead, inorder for him to stay immortal he needs to keep killing

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    ehhh even if Hidan is still alive theres no point in bringing him back again. I mean all he has is an immortal body and that weird voodoo jutsu or whatever it is. Hes slow and doesn't have any more out of his sleeve... Forget about him Kakuzu is more awesome w/ his 5 hearts and a bunch of jutsu


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    Akatsuki Leader Uchiha Madara said a thing like their sacrifices were good and necessary. They dont need him anymore. SHANNAROO they have Sasuke and Taka.

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    Without Kakuzu, attachings are impossible

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    I was thinking about that theory for a while (of Leader using him again), but even if he's still alive, he's completely helpless under the ground like that. don't you think bugs or some kind of animal(s) could've gotten to him and tore at or ate his body by now?

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    shikamaru ought to just blow up his head.

    problem solved!! ^_^
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