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    Peace Maker/Peace Maker Kurogane ~ Nanae Chrono

    Peace Maker/Peace Maker Kurogane by Nanae Chrono

    Summary of Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker from Tokyopop:
    When childhood innocence gives way to a blinding thirst for revenge, is it worth the price of one's humanity?

    Tetsunosuke and Tatsunosuke are the sons of a diplomat who sought to bring peace and prosperity to Japan during the early Meiji Restoration. But when their parents are murdered before their very eyes, Tetsu seeks to join the Shinsengumi, the unofficial police who are capable of the same brutality as his parents' murderers. Wading through a sea of espionage, deception and bloodshed, the young boy must choose: should he take a step on the path to becoming a demon...or give up his rage and transform into the ultimate Peacemaker?

    Summary of Peace Maker Kurogane from ADV:
    With Japan in the midst of a bloody revolution, an elite cadre of samurai swordsmen known as the Shinsengumi must protect the embattled city of Kyoto. Tetsunosuke Ichimura has spent his life dreaming of working at the Shinsengumi, and his wish has recently been fulfilled. As a page for Vice-Commander Hijikata Toshizo, he is privy to a wealth of secrets and is among Japan's highest ranking officials, some of whom are actual historical figures. When a strange gun-toting swordsman, Ryoma Sakamoto, recognizes Tetsunosuke and his brother as the sons of someone he calls the "Peacemaker," trouble brews and the other Shinsengumi run the outsider out of town. Full of action, this sword-fighting and gun-toting story is centered on the bakumatsu, a chaotic and bloody time of revolution that would ultimately result in the disbanding of the samurai and the opening up and Westernization of Japan. Fifteen-year-old Tetsu must witness the war around him, and perhaps gain some amount of wisdom about the samurai.

    Hi everyone!! i was just wondering if any one read peace maker. I was wondering how many volumes there are going to be. Also i have heard that Peace maker is just a prequel to Peace maker Kurogane, it that true?
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    ~dude what the hell is that thing?!? Thats supposed to be a level 4 akuma? It look like a dude that got beaten by a freakin ugly stick!~

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    Well idk much about Peace Maker Kurogane but the story looks good. so ill keep watching it, too bad it looks like it is going to be slow pace scanlations.

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    Personally the story line is great...did you guys know that mostly all of Peacemaker was made from real life?

    Two new stories on DeviantArt...spread the word around, I want different opinions^^

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