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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Some Thoughts:

    Characters like Isshin, Ryuuken, and Squad Zero will come out and play a greater role, now that Yamamoto Genrusai has died.

    It's quite possible that Isshin left SS entirely because of disagreement with the massacre of the Quincies (he fell in love with Masaki after all). Squad Zero also probably had a pact to stay out of SS and Earths Dimensions while Yamamoto G. was still alive.

    The remaining Captains might free and pardon Aizen, on condition that he promise not to try and murder/overthrow the Soul King of course.

    The Quincies decimated, but failed to destroy SS. What was the purpose of their attack, was it to secure Aizen?

    Squad 12 and Urahara will find a way to prevent the stealing of Bankais, I hope the Quincies have a larger strategy in mind since squad zero is gonna come after them. I wonder if they plan to create a massive arrancar army using Hallibel as a kind of Queen bee/ant.
    A few more captains and VC had died, we simply don't know how much (it seems that Rose might have died).

    The Shinigami started an all out war with the Quincy 1000 years ago (thus the 1000 year war - arc). The massacre happened 200 years ago and seemingly ended the dispute (all mayor Quincy were probably dead at that point (from previous battles or old age), thus it was a one sided battle, a massacre). Ishin lost his powers over 20 years ago and Ichigo is 18 (?) years old... then again Bach is over 1000 years old like it is nothing .

    Nah, there is still Squad Zero, which is way more trustworthy than Aizen, plus Ishin and perhaps the off-panel swordsman.

    They reduced their fighting power, greatly. Eliminated a few thousands of Shinigami, including seated members, VC and Captains, especially the general. They obtained additional power by stealing their bankai. They prepared a stage for their main course, but unfortunately they were unable to obtain any of the deserts (at least for now).

    Now I have to wonder what "The Last Quincy" title really means. Perhaps it's a person that is chosen to pass on the Quincy abilities in case all other Quincy are wiped out.

    FGT... a fusion between Zan and Person... heh, so that's why Aizen wasn't able to do it right away, because he is not a Quincy. It seems that this power might be the true purpose of Quincy stealing bankais. If you have noticed, thanks to Quincy Complete Form's ability to absorb spirit particles to the max, Opie was able to fuse together with a Hollow/Arrancar being. Perhaps, the Quincy's aim is the FGT, that can only be obtained by Quincy, since it is the fusion between Zan and a Person. Ishin called it FGT, but it actually might have been the Quincy Final Form and the mugetsu blade is actually an arrow :O... hmmmm ?
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