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    Nominations: "Females"

    Character Nominations: Females

    It's time for another character contest.

    The rules are simple.

    1. Only manga female characters allowed. YES, Shounen/Seinen/Shoujo are all allowed.
    2. Name only your top 3!

    Submit your votes in this way:

    1) Name (name of series here)
    2) Name (name of series here)
    3) Name (name of series here)

    Copy paste the template below.
    PHP Code:
    1) [B]Name[/B] (name of series here)
    2) [B]Name[/B] (name of series here)
    3) [B]Name[/B] (name of series here
    Once enough people have nominated there will be a voting contest of the top 3 female characters!

    Now GO and VOTE!
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