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  • Bring it on! Luffy will triumph over the stupid pigeon guy

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    Luffy V.S. Lucci. Round Two.

    As pointless as this may seem, there is actually a point in posting this speculation thread.

    What would be the outcome shall Luffy fight against Lucci once more with his current abilities?

    Lucci failed to take Luffy seriously for a good portion of the battle. He held Rokuougan in reserve for the majority of the battle. Luffy won the battle by the barest of inches, relying upon surprise tactics such as the lucky Gear 3rd shot. Even the result of their previous battle was controversial. Luffy lost all his functions, only barely managed to stay conscious. Lucci lost consciousness, thereby losing.

    Now that both Luffy and Lucci are acquitted with each individual's capabilities, how would a second battle turn out? I strongly suspect that Lucci may triumph, as Gear 3rd is essentially rendered useless.

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