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    The elders and Itachi are to be blamed ex aequo
    Cuz if the elders hadn't have given the order Itachi would never do that, but Itachi could refuse to do that as well. You see, I think it's like that.

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    OMG more sasuke??? ahhh enough already but yeahhhh he is going blind lol
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    okay off the emo subject and more of kiduka's question. How will naruto react when he find out sasuke is in the same organization that killed Jiraiya??

    I think he'll finally develop the long awaited (by the fans) hatred for sasuke that, might i say, been long overdue. Finally naruto will have a reason to see sasuke's head on a golden plate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Itachi didn't do it, I'm sure the elders would have ordered the rest of the village to attack them. Itachi made it easier.
    I don't think the Elders could do that without the Hokage, and Sandaime as you know wanted to negotiate.

    @ Shiho:

    He, react like he always does, he'll swear to smash Akatsuki and at the same time save Sasuke too.

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    The Elders do influence the Hokage, but I wouldn't say that they would have went ahead and got the entire village to attack the Uchiha if Itachi ended up not wanting to. One of the points of Itachi's mission was to frame himself and act as a renegade ninja so that the senju/leaf would be clear of all accusations.

    Also no one really knows for sure, but when Itachi's mission was being explained it said that time ran out for negotiations in the 3rds part. As in, since Itachi was attending the Uchiha meetings, he knew when they planned to strike, and I'm guessing Itachi had to resort to killing everyone because they probably were planning to attack very shortly.

    I think both Itachi and the 3rd were trying to wait for a peaceful solution, but like I said earlier time ran out and Itachi had to run shit.

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    i cant wait for the pics

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