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    hmm...yeah, I think that's Lola 's mom too. but I dont think they live on that female island just because Lola crew 's full of men

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    Radical? Opinion? I disagree. My reasoning and the point I'm trying to get across is far from radical, and it's hardly just an opinion as it is strongly backed by canon. What I think, though, is that we seem to be have a case of simple misunderstanding — mainly because, from your posts, it seems that you're not understanding what I'm saying. My fault, perhaps. I'll see if I can explain it in a clearer manner.

    First, let me try to clear up what you think I said. From your post, it appears that you think I said that the Straw Hats joined only so they can achieve their own personal goals. That's not what I said at all. What I said was that the achievement of their goals was one of the motivating factors of their joining. It is not their only motivating factor — indeed, none would have joined at all if they didn't like Luffy in the first place — but it definitely was a major consideration. And that's not a radical thought at all. In fact, the manga's emphasis on each of the Straw Hats personal goals tells us that the achievement of these goals is a major driving force behind the characters.

    Everyone needs to have a reason for doing what they do, and the same holds true for the Straw Hats. If the Straw Hats each didn't have their own personal goals (all of which coincides with Luffy's own dream of becoming the Pirate King), do you think they would have joined Luffy? Perhaps, perhaps not. One can't really tell. However, I believe that without those individual dreams, none of the Straw Hats would be as strong as they are. That's because they each have a stake in this adventure — not only are they fighting for Luffy, they're fighting for themselves as well. That's a very powerful motivational force, and it's what makes the Straw Hats unique among the many pirates in One Piece. It's why I like all of the Straw Hats as well (a first for me; I rarely like all the main characters of any anime/manga group). Luffy may be the captain, but at best, he's simply the first among equals — each crew member is a force to be reckoned with in their own right.

    So what does that have to do with Robin? Well, to put it simply, that motivation I was speaking about was not present when Robin joined the crew. Like I mentioned in the previous post, at the time Robin stowed away on the Going Merry, she thought her dream was dead. Her strongest driving force, the one she has risked her life for for years, was gone and she had nothing really to do except to continue living. If you look back on the previous episodes or chapters, you will notice that prior to Skypiea, Robin was more or less an observer than an actual crew member. It was only after Skypiea when her dream was restored did she start to take a more active role as a member of the Straw Hats. Why? Because she had a very strong reason now for her to remain a member of the Straw Hats. Think about this: if the poneglyph at Skypiea hinted that the Rio Poneglyph was somewhere other than on the Grand Line, do you think Robin would have stayed with the Straw Hats?

    A comparison can be made with Nami prior to the Arlong arc. Before Arlong was defeated, Nami's primary goal was to save her village. That's why she wasn't a true crew member yet until after the village was saved. That's also why she found it easy to betray Luffy and steal his ship — her goals vastly differed from his and because of that, she didn't consider herself to really be a member of the crew. When her original dream was restored after Arlong's defeat, Nami now had a strong reason for joining with nothing holding her back.

    In summation, the facts are this:

    1. For each of the Straw Hats, the achievement of their goals was a major factor for their deciding to join Luffy. In fact, as much as they liked Luffy, neither Zoro, Franky, or Brooke would have even joined if their own goals didn't coincide with Luffy's.

    2. Robin is the sole exception to number 1. At the time of her joining, her own dream was not a deciding factor because she believed it to be dead. I don't count Nami in this because she never really said she will join until after the Arlong arc — her acceptance of Luffy's invitation after Arlong was defeated is, IMHO, the moment she officially becomes a Straw Hat.

    Now, you may wonder what all this has to do with Marguerite and the current arc? Well, it's simply all the speculation about Marguerite maybe becoming a Straw Hat. Given the points above, I will be holding off on my opinion on whether she will join or not. Frankly, we simply don't know enough about her to make any informed guesses. Point number 1 was the reason why I knew right from the start why all the other proposed "next Straw Hat member" (Perona, Caimie, Rayleigh, etc.) wouldn't join. Caimie, et al. had their own dreams which didn't coincide with Luffy's. Ergo, they wouldn't join the crew.

    Marguerite, though, is a total unknown. The circumstances as depicted in the current spoiler seems to be clearing the way for the possibility of her joining (she's being separated from the rest of her village, it seems), but I want to know what her dream is (if she has one) before I make an opinion about it.

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