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    One Piece One Piece 515 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    feel free to translate the spoilers.... right now im going to finish watching Iron Man.... i'll came here later and post a translation if there is one

    the chapter mention something about a Pirate Empress (Younkou???) that have some kind ogf relation with the amazons island..... its also confirmed that the amazons use the snakes as bows!!!!

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    One Piece One Piece 515 Spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
    No discussion is allowed here. If you want to discuss the spoilers, please do it in the Spoiler Discussion thread. Any discussion reply here will be moved or deleted.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    Important notes:
    Along with the spoiler, add the source of it.

    Try to put text spoilers in quote tags.

    Do not post babelfish/google translations here, since they're not accurate. You can always post those translations in the Spoiler Discussion thread.

    From APforums

    Early Spoiler From Brankie
    マーガッレト「蛇姫様は国中の誰もが憧れる女性 強くて気高くて世界一美しい!!!
    Marguerite: "The Snake Princess is admired by everyone in the country. Strong and noble, she's the most beautiful in the world!

    海賊・女帝 ボア・ハンコック・・・この国は彼女と2人の妹君によって固く守 られてるの」
    The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock... because of her and her two sisters, this country is strongly protected."

    "The Snake Princess has returned!"

    I'll leave the rest for someone to Himajin tomorrow.
    It's already been said that the snakes were bows?

    タイトル 女ヶ島の冒険
    Title: Adventure on the Womens' Island
    Full Script by Himajin, translated by Chigusa-san (thanks!!):

    ワンピース詳細文字バレ 第515話 女ヶ島の冒険

    Chapter 515: Adventure on Women Island

    『ここは男子禁制女人国アマゾン・リリー 外海へ出た者が時折体に子を宿し帰り来るも 不思議 な事に産まれ てくる子はみな女 深いジャングルに囲まれた高い山には大きな穴が開いており・・・ まるで要 塞の様に村は 作られ 国が成り立つ』

    “This place is Amazon Lily, a no-male-allowed female nation. Some women come back pregnant from oversea, mysteriously all babies are girls; there is a huge hall in the high mountains that surrounds the deep jungle. The village is a fort to guard the nation.” (This last sentence was hard to phrase for me; probably a little different)


    “All right, today we have sea king meat!” “A fresh fruit from the jungle?”

    『働き手は勿論 力仕事も全て女――― 生まれながらに戦士として育てられた彼女達は―――  実に逞しく豪 快であるが どこか気品をも漂わせる 強欲で愚かな男など 立ち入る隙もない 何よりもこの島 の女達は強か った』

    “Not only workers, but laborers are of course all women — born to be warrior women — and are indeed tough and wild, but also have class. Greedy foolish men are nowhere near close to them. More than anything, these island woman are strong. “


    It’s like a sports arena.

    「バンジーに1500!!」「ポピーに1000ゴル!!」「本日のオッズ!!」「わあァ~~~ ~~!!!」

    “1500 for the pansy!”  “1000 goru for poppy!!” “today’s odds!!” “wow---!!”
    (Selling Food n’ Stuff)


    A well-rounded woman and a glamorous sister are confronting each other.


    “The strength is the beauty in this country” or "The strong are the beautiful in this country" (Wasn't sure how to word this in English)


    “Ouch!!” the glamorous sister was hit.

    『もしも男がこの国に近づけば― ――ただ消されるのみだ』

    “If a man gets near this country --- he will just be erased”


    Audience is cheering


    “A man is coming!!” “Let me see!! Let me see!!” “I want to see, too!”


    Luffy: “ahhhh“ (Mumbling)

    「動いた!見てほら、全く胸がないっ!」「ゴツゴツしてて変な生き物」「髪はボサボサ、細くて 弱そう!」

    “It moved!! Look, there’s no breast!” “So rough and a weird” “The hair is messy, thin and looks weak!”


    Luffy was sleep in a jail


    Luffy: “ ・・・・・・ugh” (Waking up)

    「だいぶ眠ってたわね・・・」「でも寝ながら食事取ったらしいわ、知ってた?」「男の主食って 何なの?生肉?」

    “You were asleep for a while” “ Did you know he was eating while he was asleep?“ “What does man eat? (Some Kind of…) meat?“


    Luffy: what the... shut up...


    Girl: Oh! It spoke!

    ルフィ「・・・・・ん?ここ・・・どこだ?・・・・おれ、何してたんだっけ・・・そうだ・・・ シャボンディ諸島でみんなバラバラに・・・」女の子「みんなしーっ!!何か喋ってる!」ルフィ 「キノコ食っ たトコまでしか覚えて・・・あ・・・帽子がねェっ!!!」

    Luffy: …..huh?? Where is … this ? What was I … doing… oh, we got separated at the Shabondy island….
    Girl: Everybody, be quiet, he’s saying something!
    Luffy: I remember when we got mushrooms… oh, my hat is gone!!!


    Sweet pea was wearing a hat looking at Luffy from outside of the jail

    ルフィ「ん!?あった、返せ、こんにゃろ!!」みんな「わっ」「腕が伸びた~~~~~~!!」 ルフィ「はー 、よかった」

    Luffy: oh! There is it! Give it back to me! Hey!!
    Everybody: Ohhhhhhh, the arm stretched!!
    Luffy: Good.


    When you look closely, his bottom is uncovered

    みんな「一体どんな身体のしくみ!?」横幅の広いの女の人「お・・・お・・・男って腕が伸びる んだっ!!驚 いた!!メモメモすごく興味深い、あなたお名前は?」ルフィ「・・・?おれはルフィだ!あっ!!おれ裸じゃ ん!!」みんな「ニブい」ルフィ「すーすーするよ。おれの服知らねェか!?」横幅(ry「男はニブく、身体 よりまず頭を 隠したがる」

    Everybody: What kind of body is that??
    Wide-woman: Oh, a man can stretch its arm! Amazing! Note that. Very interesting. What is your name?
    Luffy: …..? I am Luffy!! Oh, I am naked!
    Everyone: It’s slow…….
    Luffy: It’s airy.. where’s my clothes?
    Wide-woman: A man is slow and wants to cover the head before covering the body.

    マーガレット「あの、服を着る前に・・・その!股の間に縫い付けてある袋には一体何が入ってるの?」ルフィ 「袋・・・?お前、コレ知らねェのか?変な奴だな、これはキンタマだ!!」マーガレット「・・・・キンタマ ・・・・?キンタマって?」ルフィ「キンタマは金の玉に決まってんだろ」

    Margaret: Well, before you put your clothes back on.. that! What is in the bag that’s sewn in between your legs? (lool Gross!!)
    Luffy: a bag…? You don’t know what this is? Strange chick, this is kintama*!!
    Margaret: … Kintama..? what is Kintama??
    Luffy: A kintama is a gold ball!!

    *Japanese slang for testicles. And I think it might be a reference to Dragon Ball, where Goku refers to them as Golden Pillows. Or perhaps Dragon Ball was a reference to the「ゴージャス!!!」「黄金の玉!!?」マーガレット「ちょっとキンタマとって見せ て貰ってもいい?」ルフィ「取れるか!!!殺す気か、お前っ!!!」マーガレット「じゃ、これ服・・・あな たのボロボロだったから同じ形で作っといた」ルフィ「え~~~悪ィな、ありがとう誰かも知らね ェのに!」

    Everyone: gorgeous!! A gold ball!!!??
    Margaret: Can you hand me the kintama so I can see?
    Luffy: Doesn’t come off!!! Are you trying to kill me?!
    Margaret: Oh then, here’s your clothes. I made the same pattern clothes since yours were old and torn.
    Luffy: Oh thanks. You don’t even know who I am. Thanks!


    Clothes on

    ルフィ「・・・・・・!!!お前・・・・!!」マーガレット「セクシーにお花のフリル付けとい たわ♪」横( ry「お出かけ服ならやっぱりフリルよね、流石マーガレット」女の子「震える程嬉しいみたい」

    Luffy: …… YOU!!!
    Margaret: Added sexy flower frills ♪


    Luffy: I am a guy!!!


    With that word, everybody stepped back from Luffy, a woman from back is targeting Luffy with a snake arrow


    Luffy: Whaaat!!?

    「攻撃体勢!!!」「なんと凶暴な!!それが本性か!!!」「命を救われた恩も顧ずむやみにど なり散らすと は」「なんと獰猛な気性!!」

    “Offense formation!!” “ How ferocious! Is the true nature?!!”
    “How dare shouting out senselessly without appreciating us saving your life” “What an animal!”

    そのリーダーの人(キキョウ)「さっきから聞いていれば言動の端々まで気品のかけらもないっ!!やはり我々 とは相容れぬ種なのだ・・・!!」スイートピー「―――だけどキキョウ、たったこれだけで殺してしまうのは 可哀想よ・・・!」ルフィ「おい、ちょっと待ってくれよ。おれは命を助けられただって!?何が あったんだ!?教えてくれ!!」

    Kikyo (The Leader): “From what I heard, he has no class!! Must be the different from us!” (This is definitely…not really correct. But close enough)
    Sweetpea: … but Kikyo, I feel sorry if we kill him just because of this…
    Luffy: Hey wait a minute, you saved my life? What happened? Just tell me!!


    “When you ate the lethal mushroom and fell, this girl (Margaret) saved you!!”

    ルフィ「――なんだ、そうだったのかお前!!ありがとうな!!服の文句言ってごめんな!!ちょっと撃つのや めろよ!!」キキョウ「謝罪も弁明も聞かぬ!!ここは女の帝国アマゾン・リリー、男子禁制は数 百年続くこの国の絶対の規律だ!!!」ルフィ「女の国・・・?」キキョウ「歴史上それが犯された事はない! !意識の戻ったお前にもはや同情の余地はない!!!」ルフィ「ホントだ・・・よく見たら女ばっか・・・変わ った国だなー 」

    Luffy: --Oh, is that so. You!! Thank you!! I’m sorry for complaining about the cloth. Hey stop shooting!!
    Kikyo: No apology accepted!This place is Amazon Lily, a no-male-allowed female nation, No man was been allowed as a law for several hundred years!!
    Luffy: Female nation??
    Kikyo: It’s never been violated throughout history! No mercy for you now that you are awake!!
    Luffy: Oh really…I see all woman...what a strange country

    キキョウ「マーガレット、スイートピー、アフェランドラ・・・・あなた達の為よ・・・・!!     蛇姫 様が帰着なされたら・・・・あの方はこの事態を絶対に許さない!!!     男を村へ引き入れたあなた達 まで罪に問われる事になる!!この一件はもみ消した方がいい!!放て!!!」ルフィ「待てって!!逃がして くれ!!おれ、仲間達と約束した場所に行かなきゃなんね ェんだよっ!!!」

    Kikyo: Margaret, Sweetpea, Aferandora… its’ for your sake…! If a snake princess comes back, she would never allow this!! You were to be blamed for bringing in a man. We need to get rid of this. Shoot!!
    Luffy: Hold!!! Please let me go!! I have to get to the place where I promised with my friends!!


    A bunch of arrows fly over to Luffy


    Luffy: Orya~~~!!
    Wide-woman: he escaped from the roof!!


    Kikyo: Don’t let him go!!
    Luffy: Uwa!!


    Luffy running avoiding all arrows

    キキョウ「見かけによらずすばしっこい!!アフェランドラ!!」アフェランドラ「ハーイ!!助 けといてごめ んね!!!」

    Kikyo: How fast in spite of the looks! Aferandora!!
    Aferandora: Yes. Sorry, we saved you though!!


    Aferandora stands in front of Luffy. Luffy bounced on Aferandora’s boobs.

    ルフィ「ぶほ!!!」アフェランドラ「たァ!!!」(ルフィ殴る)ルフィ「ふげ」女性「落ちた ぞ!!」

    Luffy: Buho!
    Aferandora: Taaaaa-! (Hits Luffy)
    Luffy: Huge!!
    Woman: Fall!!


    Luffy jumping..

    ルフィ「あ!そうだビブルカード前のズボンのポケットに入れたままだぞ!?(マーガレット見て )いた!あい つだ!!」マーガレット「きゃ!!」

    Luffy: Ah! The Biblicard is still in the front pocket of the pants*! (looking at Margaret), Hey!! There!! That one!!
    Margaret: kya!!

    *I think this is referring to his old pants that were destroyed. Either that or he was saying they weren't in the pants. It was hard to understand. (For me).


    Luffy’s rubber band catches Margaret

    ルフィ「悪ィ、お前ちょっと聞きてェ事が」マーガレット「あっ、離せ!!助けて~~~!!!」 キキョウ「し まった!!!マーガレットが攫われた!!!」

    Luffy: Sorry, I have to ask you something
    Margaret: Ah! Let me go! Help!!
    Kikyo: Oh no, he captured Maragaret!!

    ルフィはマーガレットを抱えたまま崖の上の方へ上っていきました跳ねて跳ねて崖を飛び降りてで 、着地

    Luffy went up the cliff carrying Margaret.
    Jumps off the cliff and lands.


    Luffy: Gomu Gomu-- Fuusen!!


    Margaret: Kya-!


    Luffy: Hey are you ok?

    マーガレット「近寄るな!!今・・・!!太ったな!!?       ・・・あんな所からどう かしている! !・・・私は死を覚悟した・・・!!助かったのは奇跡だ・・・・!!       ・・・ハァ・・・近寄る な・・・・あなた達男はウイルスを持ってい ると聞いている!!・・・男は急に太るのか!?」

    Margaret: Don’t come close! How….. you got fat!!?? So strange… I was ready to die… It’s a miracle I’m alive..!! ..... haa- don’t get close!! You, men have a virus, I hear!! Do men get fat all the sudden??!

    ルフィ「別におれはウイルスなんか持ってねェし。面倒くせェから男はみんな急に太るって事でい いけど     ――とにかくおれの前のボロいズボンのポケットによ」

    Luffy: I don’t have a virus… what a pain to explain, yeah all men get fat suddenly. (Very rough Trans. You get the point)


    Margaret: This? (Handing Biblicard to Luffy)

    ルフィ「あ~~~~!!これこれ!!これだよよかった!!    これがねェとおれ・・・もう どうしようも ねェんだよ!!ありがとう、持っててくれて!!」

    Luffy: Ah--!! This! This!! This is it!! Good!! Without this…. I am helpless!! Thank you for keeping this!


    Margaret: there were some writings on it so just in case…


    Luffy: See, look


    Margaret: Strange…looks like it’s moving…

    ルフィ「色々あってよ!仲間全員バラバラに空飛んじまったんだ    でも全員この紙を持って るからまた必 ず集まれるハズなんだよ、みんな頑丈だからな」

    Luffy: Things happened. All of them were blown away and separated. But everyone has this piece of paper so we should be able to get back together. Everybody is tough though.


    Margaret: ……


    Luffy: Well, I keep saying ‘Thank you’, to you. Is there anything I can help you with?


    Margaret: Then, can you hand me the Kintama for me to look at?


    Luffy: I told you it doesn’t come off!


    Margaret: Who is everyone?


    Luffy: Ah- I am a pirate. Do you know a pirate?


    Margaret: ….You are a pirate? -- this country’s emperor is a pirate, too.


    Luffy: Is that so? … then a woman pirate? A strong one?

    マーガレット「愚かな質問だ。海賊船にはこの国の選りすぐりの戦士達が乗っている・・・それは強いわ!!        蛇姫様は国中の誰もが憧れる女性。強くて気高く世界一美しい!!!       海賊女帝ボア ・ハンコック・・・・・この国は彼女と2人の妹君によって固く守られてるの」

    Margaret: Foolish question. This country’s most elite warriors are on the pirate ship.. They are strong!! The Snake Princess is admired by everyone from this country. Strong, classy, and the World’s greatest beauty! The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. This country is protected strongly by both her and her sisters.




    Kikyo: Oh no (Watch out)! The snake princess’s ship is coming in!!


    Aferandora: Kikyo, in the end, it looks like the man jumped off into jungle!

    キキョウ「まずい・・・!!男の件、早く片付けなければ!!     戦士達!ジャングルへ! !男を討ち取 りマーガレットを助け出せ!!蛇姫様がお帰りに なられた!!!」

    Kikyo: Not good… we have to take care of the man situation!! Warriors! To the jungle! Kill the man and save Margaret! The Snake Princess has come back!!!!

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    Also mentioned that Margareth ISN'T joining, or something.

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    female younkou interesting..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairz View Post
    Also mentioned that Margareth ISN'T joining, or something.
    it can be only the spoiler provider opinion.... again!

    i'll put some translations for now, however its very probable they contain many errors

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    eXplosiveMind saves my day from booringness once again , hope pictures comes soon , Magareth must join the crew or else i will %#¤&%¤/%&/%¤&%¤%¤#&¤#&34£@$@£$£@$ :O

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    It's still too early to know for sure of that...>.>

    But it'd be good to have another girl on the crew. Most thought Camie would join, but she's out of the picture for now.

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    proper translation of the spoilers added...

    also a small reference of hancock in a previous chapter of OP

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    Well, it was likely she wasn't going to join. She uses a bow guys

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    What about it lol?

    Besides that was probably not in the chapter. As said it's most likely the spoiler provider opinion on the matter.

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