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    uhm, im fairly sure madara said he awakened rinnegan b4 his death in battle vs hashirama. also in order to use edo tensei on a person his soul has to reside in "the pure world" basically meaning that he has to have died and moved on to the "realm of the dead" so madara has certainly died, and that most likely happened when he fought hashirama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by almara View Post
    uhm, im fairly sure madara said he awakened rinnegan b4 his death in battle vs hashirama. also in order to use edo tensei on a person his soul has to reside in "the pure world" basically meaning that he has to have died and moved on to the "realm of the dead" so madara has certainly died, and that most likely happened when he fought hashirama.
    madara simply said he awakened the rinnegan shortly before his death, not that he died fighting hashirama. kabuto is somehow under the impression that madara didn't die during that fight but obviously at a later point. we're going to have to wait until the manga clears up the confusion.
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    I think Sasuke is going to become the Strongest after he awakens the Rinnegan, if not then it is Edo Madara.

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    alive: i would say probely Naruto or sasuke(Ems but can't be sure how strong he is) pure power base

    Dead: "sage of the six paths" and behind him Madara Uchiha
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    Quote Originally Posted by annhu2011 View Post
    for me:
    the strongest ninja in the past is Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage.
    now it is Madara~ and, in the future it can only be Naruto!!!
    i think that the 3rd was the stongest hokage... it was said once before in the manga that he was and knew every jutsu that kohona had to offer... but not including the sage i might have to say that the 3rd raikage takes the cake and strongest ever...or madara

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    My list as of 463

    1. Sage of Six Paths
    2. Edo Madara / Tobi
    3. Nagato
    4. Naruto
    5. Sasuke
    6. Minato
    7. Hashirama
    8. Itachi
    9. Sarutobi
    10. Orochimaru / Kabuto
    11. Killer Bee
    12. Jiraiya

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    At this point in the series it seems clear that Madara is the most powerful, however, Tobi may also be equally or perhaps even more powerful. I would be curious to see who would win if Kabuto were to try and use Madara against Tobi. Madara has the Eternal Mangekyou, the Rinnegan, and Hashirama's bloodline but Tobi has the sharingan, the Rinnegan, the six Jinnchuuriki, and most significantly, the Heretical Demon Statue. I still think that Tobi is some sort of creation of Madara's that he left behind that is carrying on his will and eventually bring him back to life by using the Rinnegan's power. Madara even comments upon his resurrection that Nagato has grown, he must have thought that it was Nagato who had brought him back.

    The interesting thing is that despite all of their power both Tobi and Madara seem to have limits and that is why I think both Kabuto and Tobi want Sasuke. I think it is becoming very clear that the Rinnegan is incomplete, we now know that the sharingan is basically a devolved version of the Rinnegan and Madara has basically been recreating its power. Nagato likely received a transplanted version of the Rinnegan which is why it had limits and also why he could not use the powers of the sharingan like Madara can. The problem is even the stage Madara got it to is incomplete and since Madara died he cannot complete it entirely. Also, I suspect that Tobi is not a true Uchiha but an experiment created from both the cells of Hashirama and Madara, so while he can use both the Rinnegan and the Sharingan he can never evolve them to its ultimate level. Sasuke is the last pure Uchiha left and thus the only person who can awaken the true form of the Rinnegan, which is why Kabuto likely said that he needed a living breathing Uchiha, the resurrected Madara is a powerful weapon but he cannot be used to create the ultimate Rinnegan which is what Kabuto is after. I think that Tobi needs Sasuke because he cannot complete the Rinnegan himself and only a complete Rinnegan can perform the Eternal Tsukuyomi.

    Tobi has already stated that he plans to link Sasuke to the Heretical Demon Statue, I think the reason for this is to help Sasuke complete the Rinnegan and then to use the statues ability to drain power from whoever is linked to it to immobilize Sasuke and take the eyes for himself. I believe that Madara might have died trying to attempt this himself the first time around and Tobi (who was originally a lot like Zetsu) took Madara's eyes and some of his flesh and bound them to himself to continue his work. I believe that Madara created Tobi by using a combination of Hashirama's cells and the 4th Mangekyou technique. Tobi said that the clone of Hashirama was created from his cells but it has no mind of its own, I believe that the 4th Mangekyou technique allows Madara to transfer his mind into another body, in a sense he duplicated his own mind within Tobi. The Heretical Demon Statue seems bound to Tobi somehow, it is a lot like Zetsu and was even used to create the Zetsu army. As we have seen, the White Zetsu shapeshifts by absorbing the chakra of people and it can then mimic their form. I think that the Heretical Demon Statue works in a very similar way, by absorbing the chakra of all of the bijuu and then linking to a person who has the Eternal Mangekyou it can then be used to create the true Rinnengan in that person and the the statue can be shapeshifted into the Juubi.

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