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    Who is the strongest ninja in the narutoverse?

    Just made this thread to see who people think is the strongest ninja of all.
    Please if you put someone down make sure point out good reason for him being the strongest. NO, "Cause his cool" or "my favorite".

    I'll start...

    In my opinion the strongest ninja is Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage.
    He was known as "The Teacher" because he knew all the jutsu's in Konoha (thats a BIG hidden village), also he was elected Hokage when he was 12 or so by non other than the 2 previous, still living, Hokages (Naruto vol 14- ch123 - p14).. . That says a lot about his power. 2 living Hokages, your 10-14 and they elect you Hokage?!!! That is a scary kid. Also, he has been (to our knowledge) the longest in his position and even at an old age Kabuto stated that he was said to be the strongest of the 5 Kages. Even Orochimaru didnt mess with him till he was already TOO old.
    And finally Orochimaru had to call forth the 2 previous Hokages to be able to have an advantage over him in there fight.. with the 4th the advantage would had been decisive but he stop Oro's summoning. Even at a disadvantage he fought to a even match against 1st, 2nd and orochimaru till he started running out of chakra.
    All in all this are my reasons and to let u guys know im not biased my favorite character is Itachi.. altough i do think he is in the top 3 strongest in narutoverse.
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