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    Its kind of hard to discuss the comparison because we have basically no info on the Namikazes accept Minato was from the family

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    naaah, sasuke will never be a hokage. It's exactly what that other guy said: kishimoto took a lot of Dragonball Z.. example, main character ( naruto / goku ) orange suite, he can be stupid but if it comes to action of save someone, he becomes very serious. The beast inside of him, being a rival to his best friend etc. Sasuke is Vegeta. Just like vegeta admitted in the end that goku is the best or the strongest, sasuke will do that to in the end. Also the end is: naruto saving sasuke..( i saved you at a whim he said, no naruto is going to say that to sasuke in the end.

    On topic: Uchiha is self minded and there goal is being more stronger then live in peace with eachother. Namikaze is the opposite.. see it like: uchiha - > black, namikaze -> white, put it together and you will have: grey. Sasuke will never be white just like naruto, sasuke will always be in the grey area.

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