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    Dear Orochimaru-Sama

    Dear Orochimaru Sama...

    It seems like forever since I've seen you. I knew you were in rough shape in your defense against Sasuke Kun, and I know you seemingly bit the dust, but I want you to know that I believe in you. You have never given me a reason not to trust in your genius. The Jutsus you create on your own, forbidden or not, are some amazing pieces of art. Your goal of understanding the world, and learning all Jutsus, is a goal that I place above all others. I care not about the goals of this Akatsuki group, or whether or not Sasuke kills Itachi, or if Naruto becomes Hokage, it's all petty to me, because I know in the end, you'll obtain your vessel, and at that point, will be the strongest Being in the universe that you exist.

    I remember when you wtfpwnt the Third Hokage. God of Shinobi? Please. He didn't understand what true power means. Who cares if you protect others, because in the end, your just gonna die. You'll get old, and die. Who the fuck wants that? I'd rather learn as many Jutsus as possible, and go around fucking owning every ninja that crossed my path. Some might say it's selfish, but I don't think they understand you like Kabuto and I do. It was just so sweet when you had the two previous Hokages fight for you, as you just stood there looking cool. That was really sweet. He's damn lucky he stopped the third coffin. Whether it was Minato or Hatake Sukomo, that would of been the icing on the cake. You even made a fool of that monkey of his. I guess Snakes > Monkeys.

    I know the White Snake is your power source, and I knew the white snake resided within Sasuke after your battle. I know your spirit was still within his mind. It's funny man, he seems to think he Absorbed your powers, but he was just borrowing them as you hung out in his brain. I remember when you were in the dimension you created, when Sasuke supposedly overpowered you. I noticed that the spirits of the bodies you'd taken over still existed within that realm, meaning you to were resting with them. I knew you were biding your time, and waiting for the perfect moment to take over for sure.

    Oh by the way, Nice DECOY strategy with Kabuto! I love it. The funny thing, is I think Kabuto plans on trying to harness your power! HAHA, I know. What a fool. He's just a medical Ninja. We both know only girls are medical Ninjas. Your power will be to much for him, and you'll just end up getting a twin Orochimaru with Medical abilities. Nice ally still. Kabuto might stick to the original plan though. We'll see.

    I just want you to know that I truly can't wait to see you finally harness the Uchiha powers. I know with your experience and knowledge, you'll be the strongest character by the end of this story. Then you can finally kill that Naruto kid, and his little bitch girlfriend.

    And also, I want you to know that Jiraiya and Tsunade miss you also. And Jiraiya was killed by Pain. HAHAH. You remember Pein right? That fucker. Fuck those guys. Jiraiya was talking to Tsunade, and they mentioned how you and Yondaime were on the same level. That's obvious. He said you were both Genius Ninjas who were rarely seen. That's quite the honor. But who gives a shit right? That title of Hokage is just crap. And little do they know, you'll be returning, and Minato won't. Meaning YOU > Yondaime. Not only that, you are a Genius seen every three decades... And his genius level was seen once a decade.
    I know you said Sasuke is more of a Genius than you were, but come on, that won't last long. You'll have his body soon, and all that shit won't matter.

    Heres a question Oro.
    If you take over Sasuke, that means that you are now that Genius who was greater than you.

    So since you'll be Sasuke, doesn't that mean that you are now the Genius known as Sasuke, who was known as being more of a Genius than you at that age? Years and age don't matter for you. So you can be 50, or 15, doesn't matter. You'll have his abilities. Conclusion: Your the greater Genius.

    You've worked really hard, and I know through your failures and setbacks, you've learned lots, and are going to shine very soon.

    I'm amazed at how close you were to obtaining Sasukes Sharingan. People truly don't understand how close you came. Your plan was nearly flawless, if it wasn't for Itachi and Susano.

    Regardless, I know you are undergoing a rebirth as we speak. You are a Genius seen once every THREE Decades. Thirty years. Minato was once a decade.

    Take care of yourself Orochimaru-Sama
    I miss you very much
    Can't wait for your Return

    PS: Next time you face Itachi, ressurect some people instead of getting your hand sliced off.

    PPS: Sasuke killed your pet snake...


    Sound Ninja Forever

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    151 im not reading this....... its just so big...... wow.......

    anyway heil orochimaru-sama

    and good day sir....

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    A letter to a fictional character....nice

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    HAHAHA Ackwell! Welcome!

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    Glad to be here Mang.

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    Dear Ackwell,

    Good to hear from you! I've just been biding my time, doing my thing. The reason you haven't heard from me is because I've decided to look for other ways to figure out the universe. I recently found out my entire life, nay existence, was actually just a story for other people to read, so I left that comic book universe behind. I feel like, for the first time in my career, I've taken one step closer to discovering the truth of the Universe. I'm on a plane right now, on my way to see someone named "Kishimoto." I hear he might know something.

    I remember those good old days of using my jutsu on those pathetic ones beneath me. Your letter brings back so many memories and nostalgia, I can taste it on the end of my extremely long tongue. So many "leaders" thrown to the wind. By me of course, I mean what a bunch of posers right? It's hard to find people that understand their place in their world these days, but its also good to know that there are those like yourself who understand the truth. Which is of course that I'm the greatest.

    It's nice to hear that Sauske and Kabuto are out and about, but take comfort that it is still going in accordance with my plans. I'd tell you, but the spoilers might kill you and I wouldn't want to harm any of my subjects. Yet. The point is I can't elaborate on it now, maybe some other time.

    On a brighter note I am very pleased to hear of Jiraya's death! The thought of him living around while I had to book it was very distressing. I knew he would be dealt with swiftly, I just wish I was there to see. Well, actually I have the chapter on me, so let me just take a look... HA! Oh man, that scene always makes me laugh. Good times... As for Tsunade, I knew she was worthless, but wow, she surprised even me by being such a waste of space and life. It just goes to show you there's always purging to be done.

    I hope to gain a lot more influence, but honestly, part of knowing the universe is to understand how chaotic and insane it can truly be. I had to learn that one the hard way. Like that whole Sharingan buisness you mentioned, just thinking about it makes me tired and depressed. I was in quite a funk for a while there. Even the best laid plans can crumble through, but fear not, my return is at hand.


    Don't get me wrong, I want to come back, but have you ever tried this stuff called "pizza"? Oh my god, soooo good. Or using a "gun"? I mean, half my jutsu don't even compare to that! I'd give up my left snake for that any day.

    I'll see what I can do, but no promises. Always good to hear from followers and supporters. Catch me on facebook if you get the chance or something.

    Your's Truly


    P.S. I hadn't figured out the whole "raise the dead thing" at that point, but I wish I had.

    P.P.S. Oh he will pay. Dearly.
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    What the **** ^ ok like ..... wooow... are you serious....

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    109 it lol

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    Well Orochimaru... Kish will bring you back in no time. Until then, enjoy the greater things in life, like knowing you'll obtain the Sharingan. I just wanted you to know that many of us support this, and understand that Kish already spent WAY TO MUCH TIME on your character to not allow you to taste the Sharingans power. Even if it's temporary. Even that will be enough for all of us. Knowing you managed to STEAL the Greatest Kekkai Genkai known in the Narutoverse.

    You will easily be considered the greatest Villan in this story.

    Keep up the good work.
    Can't wait to see you.

    Thanks for the reply


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasuke is better View Post
    A letter to a fictional character....nice
    my thoughts exactly lol.

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