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    Coloring Contest Discussion Thread

    Coloring contest! #3


    If you're done with your work, please pm RyuSensei with it, he'll gladly update the first post and add it.
    This thread is reserved for discussing anything related to the contest.

    • Only 1 submission per person, although this submission can be editted to a reasonable degree - However, a whole new coloring isn't editting to a reasonable degree.
    • Any manga or fanart colorings of your choice are allowed. It can be a whole page, double-page, or even just a panel, whatever you wish.
    • Any media of your choice. Watercolor, Digitally-colored, or even a crayon coloring.
    • The subject matter can be anything, as long as it isn't offensive, and follows the general rules of the forum.
    • Credit the cleaned page or lineart if it is done by someone else.
    • No plagiarizing please. Ripping someone's hard work is just wrong.

    When the poll opens, the voting will be right here in this thread. Take a look at all of the entries in the first post and then vote for your favorite!
    The contest will be closed the 29th September, then will come the voting phase which will be one week long.


    Go forth - And create!
    Good luck to all entries.
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