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    What really bugged me was the girl DIDN'T NOTICE ALLEN. ; ___;


    Bah. :C I really want her to see Allen and Kanda fight, though. <333 Ohhh, hot.

    Hmm, remember that kid that groped that girl? I think he might be G. > __>" Weird suspicion.. Hee. :B

    OHHH, I could have died at that Kanda moment. ; __; So hot~~~

    And I loved the pictures of Allen~

    Timcanpy should get the ability to change size at will just incase he needs to hide. <3"

    Another Chaoji would suck...

    Anyway, I'd like to see the inspector try to pair Allen up with his daughter. XDDDD Impossible, yes, but stilllll~
    Then she could complain about how Kanda's (supposedly) better. And then they'd fight again! :'3 And then the father changes his mind after seeing them fight. 8'D Then Kanda'd smirk at him. :B I just hope Kanda isn't dense... e __e

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    O c'mon Allen has Lenalee, Road and Lou fa XDDDDDDDDDD The Kanda moment was great รน.u

    And yeah it seems Allen has join Tiedoll's group?

    Great chapter and drawnings

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    I don't get why they put Allen in Tiedoll's group though, he would be perfectly fine without being in a group just like Lenalee. (Or maybe she's under Kloud huur...)
    I suspected the kid to be Phantom G, one to be used by Phantom G, or one of Cross's mongrel children. xD Oh yes.

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    see what I like about Hoshino is she remembers how the series started with teams of exorcists looking for innocence and takin out akuma Im glad its nat all fighting noah and attacking the earl (kinda like how bleach went from killing hollows in the real world to just all out war wth aizeN) I just like how D grayman remembers its roots and that makes me happy ^-^

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    This doesn't seem to be too relevant to the Main plot... I might be wrong though
    And why does she keep skipping time in the plot? How long has it been since the Akuma egg at HQ was destroyed? 4 months??

    Anyways, this chapter was still fun to read, so I guess it's okay... I always love breast groping scenes too!

    Also the art seems to have a more of a dreary, gothic, dark feel to it than before. But don't get me wrong, it's totally a good thing, and the style's always nice(fresh), which is one of the reasons why i like this manga.

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    It seems no one here noticed the complete parody of DN Angel, or just didn't comment on it 0.o In DN Angel, Dark is known as the "Phantom Thief" and sends messages before he steals things...yeah.
    So judging by the fact that it's most likely a parody, I don't think it's going to be a signifigant arc.

    Off that topic, I love how Tim is so big in this chapter and I really liked how Allen was drawn in this chapter, too ^_^ And finally Kanda has a fangirl XD
    Good question about Allen being with Kanda and Marie, too...but why wouldn't he just not have a leader like Lenalee? Cuz she's not under any general and they haven't confirmed whether Cross is dead or not (at the least, he isn't the owner of Judgment anymore....but what about Grave of Maria?)

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    "Phantom Thief" Is also used in Majinn Tantei Nougami Neuro. But, well, if this thief turns out like Sai in MTNN, that would be awesome , but, I doubt that since Sai is totally sadistic...

    *Cough* Anyway, I actually miss the old art work, the type in the Ark Arc... Allen's hair was so pretttty then...

    I mainly think Allen is with Kanda cuz ... They haven't been in a mission together for a while.

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    Yeah, I know "Phantom Thief" is in a few things, but the way he sends a message before he steals is definitely just like DN Angel. seemed like a parody of the beginning of the manga, where they were explaining about him, and then someone comes in yelling "he's sent another note" and stuff
    Actually, I just like the way Hoshino drew the faces in this chapter, I think she did hair prettier earlier on in the series. It used to be more flowy and pretty...

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    between a rock and a hard place
    grave of maria is just a corpse that he controls using magic and its maria that has the innocence so cross could still use her i believe

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    Dammit Hoshino! Stop making more characters! I thought the chapter was ok. I've been kind of meh with DGM lately.

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