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    yeah..i was still wondering where lulubelle came from.and it seems the anime would end in the part where allen, lavi and lenalee defeats lulubelle^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by omgshoes View Post
    well here's this,

    episodes 1-13 follow the manga (in a slightly different order)

    14-18 are filler and event that do not happen in the manga.

    19-24 follow the manga.

    24-28 are filler events, though there are some details that follow the manga.

    29-30 are a story in the reverse novel 1; though, according to the manga, this story takes place before the 1st chapter of the manga.

    31-32 are filler

    33-34 are also a reverse novel 1 story.

    35-38 are filler

    39 is like chapter 44 /45 (not sure on the number) with slight differences.

    40-43 are events that never happened in the manga.

    i might be off at some parts, but who wants to edit the wiki. i sure don't.
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    and oh..i think some of the episodes came from the d.grayman novels^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyki Mikk Kyou View Post
    I hate the plotline of animated FMA. I still watch some random, not famous anime (like Kiba, samurai 7...) but the anime adaptations are like 90% bad to me.
    anime is both a blessing and a curse. Its fun to see the characters colored and hear the voices but often times it goes sour in my opinion. I can only think of two anime that were better than their manga: Wolf's Rain and Yu Yu Hakusho(visuals where better)
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    The Anime of D.Gray-man is currently on episode 49 and is the middle of filler stuff that didn't happen in the manga. Approximately how much of the manga has it covered? What chapter has it gotten up to?

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    Don't worry, the anime's been sticking with the manga from when they set sale to Japan up until now(ep 73). I actually have to say that I like the anime more because it gives more info on some characters or better said it shows us a bit more of their personalities. In the manga we didn't find anything about General Kevin Yeegar exept that he was a general and that he wasn't killed instatly because he should deliver that ,,message" to the exorcists, in the anime we find out that he was a teacher how he found out about the Order and so one. I appreciate the filler eps since they help in understanding some of the characters better(that's what I think) plus ep 18 was simply hilarious, Komui destroying the whole town just to kill Russel was very funny, I liked the bunny-bombs(Yoshi's the name of the bunny), and the fact that he made Allen wear that octopuss thing on he's head for just about the entire/most of the episode was also pretty funny. The akuma that was despretly trying to kill Lenalee was also really funny, no one knew it was an akuma till the very end,lol it was very funny how it failed each time)

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