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    Bleach Bleach Episode 187 Discussion

    "Ichigo Rages! The Assassin's Secret"

    here is the torrent, enjoy!

    (looks like at least 2 more weeks of fillers)
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    Bleach Episode 187 has been released in Raw. The Episode is entitled: “Ichigo Rages! The Assassin's Secret”. Dattebayo has subtitled Bleach episode #187. You can download this episode via bittorrent by going to dattebayo's bittorrent tracker. OR wait for our provided Direct D/L(s).

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    "My Bakkoutou negates Zanpaktou abilities..." Talk about stupidly overpowered.

    What a convenient way of not letting us see Genryuusai fight - even though he could still use kidou or whatever...

    Ichigo uses Bankai in the next ep. Amagai's ability must have a limit of one person at a time in that case - or an oversight of the writers perhaps? Ichigo should be able to use his mask which is fair enough but bankai?

    This assumes my limit theory is correct.

    This filler is irritating the crap out of me. Lurichiyo being introduced was a largely pointless distraction which was only necessary for the involvement of Ichigo.

    Ichigo calling Genryuusai gramps bothered me as well, I was half hoping that the old man would give Ichigo a Nanao-esque paralysis stare but that'd probably melt Ken, En and Luri in the process.

    And look at Rukia, following Ichigo around like a faithful sidekick. She's losing her cool factor for me now - she just seems to accept all his decisions etc without so much as the slightest bit of resistance or questioning.

    At least we got to find out the name of the First Squad lieutenant though. After all this time...

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    Man these fillers stink of something terriable wow how original lets just borrow the exact same plot form the orginal story line but make it crappy and whinny..and lets not forget yea the most powerful Captain just stands there like hes waiting for bus..... /sigh.. I dont know what part of Soul Society he comes from but when a man takes his shirt off to kick some ass he damn well better kick some ass!

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    yeah the writers really screwed the pooch here, which is a shame because I didn't think the fillers were that bad before this. But now amagai's bakkouto should shut down ichigo, but as seen in the preview, it doesn't so that once again ichigo has plot armor.

    Also Ichigo shouldn't be able to use his hollow powers either without being banished or sentenced to execution like shinji and the rest. This entire episode has just been one big plot hole, and it looks like it's going to turn the rest of the arc into one too.

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    Yeah I totally agree with you guys. This has just been a long and pointless filler. Im really looking forward to seeing this filler ending since it makes no seens at all.
    Would it not be a better idea to use the fillers to explain the background for all the captains...

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    Glad I didn't watch the filler eps reading stuff like this .

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