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    Well one thing is for sure. Fukasaku and Ma toad both knew about Minato. When Jiraiya mentioned that Pain had been one of his students, they both said "You had another pupil."

    Jiraiya also never mastered Senjutsu, he just learned to use natural chakra. There's a difference. Jiraiya never fully completed his Sage training. He just got good enough to use it in battle. Also, Fukasaku never said that Jiraiya was the only one that learned Senjutsu. He simply said that it required a large amount of chakra and guts. Two things I'd say Minato Namikaze had, Naruto is his father's son. Another thing is that Jiraiya himself said that Minato had surpassed him. I'm really starting to think that Minato was a Sage.
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    The Shiki Fujin against the Kyubi is what's doing it for me, seriously, you need to have a hell of a lot of strength and chakra to pull a Bijuu's soul out. He even split it in two. Damn, Minato was a badass.

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    So where'd you copy this theory from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasuke is better View Post
    So where'd you copy this theory from?

    Here the master toad sage thinks that Naruto has surpassed even Jiraiya, if Minato was a master he would have thought that 'Naruto has surpassed Jiraiyas pupil, the 4th', simple as that! I don't think Minato even knew senjutsu, much less mastered it. how could Jiraiya teach something that dangerous that could cause you to transform into a frog, and thats even without the oil (too much natural energy and your'e a toad, regardless of the oil use or not), when he didn't master it himself and messed up when using it (small transformation). Plus he was not shown carrying any weapon to ''knock th' natural energy right outa ya'''. Minato would have been screwed and stuck as a toad( as it notes here and here as well as here), that's why only the toads can teach it.
    I am an artist, and my medium is death. I'm about to create my masterpiece :s

    Fan of the Rasengan Doujutsu theory, even though it's dead. Although, he does have the special Uzumaki clan blood.

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    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto.

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    maybe he goes into sage mode real quick, does his thing, then back to normal to finish his attack?

    meh too much speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by S-ClassNinja_Rich View Post
    another great theory
    wtf? this is MY theory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHODAIME! View Post
    I do believe Minato mastered the Sage Arts. I find it hard to believe Jiraiya would have an asset like that and not train his prized pupil in it or not allow his prized pupil to go and get training by the toads.

    So you ask "why not Naruto as well?" well Naruto already has the fox which Jiraiya felt was Naruto's answer to everyone of his skill problems UNTIL he saw that the fox chakra caused physical damage which is probably why the training stopped.

    Here is the proof I see:

    Minato was known for his ungodly speed.. Senjutsu is known for increasing physical attributes like speed and strength. No one so far from what we have seen has been able to match or surpass Minato's speed by normal means. Senjutsu would explain the insane speed.

    Flying Thunder God is a modified version of reverse summoning and Minato had to have gotten the idea from the Great Sages. We both know that Minato used a tag and a seal to start the FTG. Naruto notes that Fukasaku makes a seal to initiate the bolder lift. The Sage Arts are linked to FTG.

    Death God Seal vs Kyuubi.
    From the Sarutobi vs Oro fight we saw that the user of the seal had to physically hold the subject and forcefully rip their soul out using their own spiritual/chakra strength. We saw that Oro was able to resist and pull back due to being stronger than Sarutobi at the time... So explain to me how Minato could have over powered the 9 tails Demon Fox without some MASSIVE boost in power?

    I can see Gama holding the Kyuubi for Minato but I doubt Minato had enough spritual/chakra strength to overpower the Kyuubi, rip out its chakra essence, split it in two, seal half in the Shiki Fuujin seal and the other half in his kid without some sort of power boost...

    The explanation: SENJUTSU

    I always questioned how he was able to do it but now I can see the answer. Minato took Senjutsu and built a fighting style around it and developed his own techniques with it which would also explain why no one can mimick them except for the people he taught them to personally.

    Ok, i have no problem with your theory, however, I was hoping you would add some more defining proof. Nothing concrete just some pic suggesting your theory may be true. You know something that would cause people to doubt you too much.

    But, anyone would guess, yea Minato must have done Sage Training and they would close to be right. I long to read a good theory these days.

    Nice work thou.......

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    nope.. the 4th godly speed is not because of senjutsu.. its mainly from the jutsu with the weird kunai

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    again this is NOT your theory Shodaime. shame on you.

    Namikaze Minato is a Master of Senjutsu

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