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    Sounds reasonable enough. Fans have theorized since the beginning of Part II that "the jutsu" Jiraiya warns Naruto not to use was Hiraishin, and now Naruto seems to think it is possible to use "that jutsu" with the power of Senjutsu. If Naruto *is* talking about Hiraishin, its possible that his father used it as well. There are some problems in talking about this, of course. One is simply that its nothing but speculation at this point. Another is the existence of apparently contradictory evidence - we've seen the 4th Hokage use Hiraishin, during Kakashi Gaiden. He wasn't sporting any of the mutations characteristic of Senjutsu use, and its noted that even Jiraiya, the current Toad Sage, can't use Senjutsu without transforming a little bit.

    Of course, that could simply mean that Minato Namikaze was *that much* better than Jiraiya. It is very probable that the person who signed the Toad Contract before Naruto was his own father; maybe Jiraiya intended for his first student to succeed him as the Toad Sage from the beginning.
    nope... in kakashi gaiden we don't see minato use the hirashin... he used shunshin to save kakashi ass (and rin said about how awesome was sensei shunshin)
    we only see minato began the technique but from behind
    if he change like naruto, it will be almost unnoticeable
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