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    Talking Sket Dance ~ Kenta Shinohara

    Hey guys..i am new here and i just finished Sket-dan...does anybody know when the next chapter comes out??? because i am really interested...sorry if i am posting in the wrong thread..i dont know to what exact manga Sket-dan belong i posted in Shonen Manga...

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    Sket Dance is from the Jump magazine, which is weekly, so wait for the next weekend for another new chapter to come out

    Yeah, it's a shonen

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    Yup Sket Dance Is Awesome!!
    Clicky Here for SIN-Scans scanlations!!.
    Credits to Akasunanosasori

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    Sket Dance

    A dime a dozen type post, but... Anybody know when the next Sket Dance's will be out?

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    If you mean the chapter itself, it's out every friday/saturday.

    If you mean the next scanlated chapter, no one knows, you'll have to wait patiently for SIN-Scans (or help them do it ).

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    I tried to start another thread about this...

    But, what happened to Sket-Dance?

    Has its scanning club gone under? Will there be no more to it? I'm at a lack of quality series to read right now and was hoping this one would start showing up on a regular basis.

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    Cnet jus released a bunch of chapters' translations, so expect new chapters to be released soon

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    Whoo! XD
    I really liked it, but I so was really surprised when they threw that thing with Switch's brother in there...
    It was like, "Wtf? There's some plot in my one-shot manga! o_O"

    It was really sad though. T_T

    Let's get this party started.

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    Seems like someone (DMXX) has started scanlating more chapters now that cnet released another bunch of translations. Newest one wasn't really great, but I'm really looking forward the next one, which apparently will be about the creation of Sket Dan. I wish we had more of that weird space arc we had a while ago.

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    xD yeah me too damnz, and don't worry SIN-Scans is back at it, and some new chapters are truly hilarious like that one
    Clicky Here for SIN-Scans scanlations!!.
    Credits to Akasunanosasori

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