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    The "Hey, the last chapter of this series is not in the reader!" Thread

    Title of the thread says it all.

    If you come across any series that is not updated yet and is missing the last chapter(s), let us know by replying here and it will be done right away!


    Edit: You can also suggest new series to be uploaded. Make sure they're not published under Dark Horse or Tokyopop in America first.
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    "Hey, the last chapter of One Piece is not in the reader!"

    do something about it, bitch!

    Done. - damnz
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    New series is out, Asklepios... a scan is out

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    i dont know if its ok to follow up on your post fxu

    but asklepios chapter 1 by stealth (my group) is now out with better burning

    Anyways heres the download link

    i just requested asklepios to be added to the list of series on the release tracker and ill be releasing on the tracker.

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    Is it only me or there hasn't been any update since last week :S:S:S:S

    Where's new Naruto?

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    Sorry, all the missing chapters of weekly mangas will be up as soon as I can fix some problems of my computer.

    P.S: That new suggested series, Asklepios, will be uploaded as soon as all the other Jump series are up to date on the reader.

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    Naruto hasnt been getting updated to the online manga reader very timely anymore. This makes me sad because I'm on dial up and would MUCH rather read it on the online reader!


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    Excuse me, bud did someone forgot about online manga reader? It's second week now and no updates...

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    hei my ast chapter of bleach by shinobi isn't there, i puted it this morning, do something, thanks

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    Sorry that I've been absent for a while; I'll try to put everything up as soon as possible.

    Edit: Now most of Jump and other popular mangas are updated. Still some are missing the last chaps, so feel free to reply here if you find a manga that lacks the last chapter(s)!
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