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    I knew it! Naruto will learn using Yin and Yang + Natural Energy to master Senjutsu!

    I knew it. Naruto would learn to recompose his body energy (yang) and spiritual energy (yin) plus natural energy to perform the legendary Sage Arts.

    On my previous thread I have discussed the Kyuubi's yin and yang being combined by Naruto to harness the Kyuubi's full power.


    And now to master the Sage Arts he needs to combine natural energy with yin and yang.


    Now chakra is split into body energy and spirit energy. To release chakra you need to mix spirit and body energy.


    To release chakra you need to mix it with body energy as seen above meaning that the strength of the Kyuubi's yin chakra displayed also depends on the strength of Naruto's yang which maybe the reason why he could only use one tail against Sasuke pre-time skip because his body energy wasn't as strong as it is now.

    Naruto's body energy at this point in time can only support 4-tails but when he gets to master the Sage Arts and his body energy increases he will be able to control the full power of the Kyuubi without going berserk, adding natural energy to maximize the power of his jutsus.

    At the end of the day Senjutsu will be a way for Naruto to effectively use the Kyuubi.

    Whenever he tries to draw power from it, things look like their out of balance and the Kyuubi power overwhelms him. However, if he could pump in some natural energy to balance the massive Kyuubi's chakra that he draws out, it might be what it takes to keep the Kyuubi in check.
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