For the most part, the character Naruto has been introduced to the upper half of the spectrum. And thus, so have we. But the lower half is much more complicated. Any tricks and techniques applied to the lower half provides intellectual work and, likely, a clan.

In Chapter 316, Naruto asks Kakashi and Yamato about the kagemane and baika no jutsu, medical jutsu, and genjutsu. Yamato announces that they are related to yin and yang. I have an inkling of how to explain it so.

When I first came to look at kagemane no jutsu, I had a theory in my head that it used a pint of earth element because it is restricted to the ground and, like many other dotons, it is used for trapping purposes. That still may apply, but maybe there is more to it. With yin and yang, however, it may be more reasonable. See, Sakura mentioned on one of those previous panels that body energy (yang) is derived from the cells and muscles and etc from your body. So the concept of the kagemane jutsu can very well be to target one's yang and restrict it. Being caught by the kagemane binds your body, or in other words, clamps down on your yang.

The baika no jutsu can also be seen as yang-oriented because the user inflates their own parts or their whole body. Where as the kagemane targets an enemy's yang, the baika is all about the user's own yang. We've heard of focusing chakra to your feet or how Kiba focuses chakra to his nose, this can very well be focusing chakra to a part of your body.

You're interested in the next one, I can see. How am I going to describe medical jutsu in all of this mess?



From the words and thoughts of Tsunade it is not hard to see a correlation between the Nara and Akimichi Clan. And in sense of their jutsus, from what I stated above, there lies connection there as well. From this, I believe that medical jutsu also plays on body energy or yang. Because all three divisions: baika, kagemane, medical, Tsunade was able to conjure up a successful medicine. The research and documentation of one field can help, somehow, someway, to another. That is because the three all focus on the same principle. Yang.

But I haven't forgotten about the power from what we've seen medical jutsu do. Tsunade's and Sakura's monstruous strength. Healing of wounds. Extracting poisons. Chiyo reviving life. I haven't forgotten that.

How is it possible? How are they connected? Those punches can't simply a focus to the fist, otherwise they should likewise be capable of focusing to the legs and be speedy critters all capable of skilled body flickers (shunshin). But that's not the case. It is different.


The inner coil system.

This is why medical ninjas have to be so precise and knowledgable. They are dealing with the inner coil system. Not only that, but they can't visually see it. They have to play it out and weave through the system through their own head. In their mind. Most difficult.

It is also mentioned the coil system layers the inner organs, which provides a means to healing. And it is related metaphorically to as "veins" which connect to every ounce of the human body. Not only that, remember yang is about the energy released from the body's cells. Reactivating these cells or triggering these cells to another person, or to yourself constitutes life.

I would say that the Yamanaka Clan jutsu of body switching and body manipulating is founded on the yang principle. All of them tightly revolve around the body. The yang. But with the Yamanaka Clan, there is a hint of spiritualness. Some yin is apart of it. Almost like a genjutsu.

I said it. A genjutsu.

I, myself, am a bit skeptical of truly defining genjutsu. But I'll try nonetheless. It is said genjutsu disrupts one's chakra flow. Remember the hourglass chart? As you can see, a disruption of flow can be critically and is surely, as the manga states, only used and understood by the intellectually-minded.

Body contact isn't needed for genjutsu. This is perhaps the sole purpose I bank it being spirituall (yin) based. And this, can very well be, why Sakura is estimated to surpass her teacher Tsunade. Medical jutsu is likely the highest tier of body/yang use there is. Much like how rasengan is the best of form manipulation. And for Sakura to also get a grasp of genjutsu, the opposite field medical jutsu, the spiritual/yin, would be a remarkable accomplishment.

You can almost say it would be worthy to note such a combination as substantial as Naruto using element and form manipulation. Look back at the hourglass chart. It would seem Naruto is in the upper half and Sakura inclined to the lower half.

Some can argue this all day, through weeks, months, and seasons. This isn't what I intened of the throery and I cringe to see the discussion heading to such a path. In whatever your perspective, please analyze what Kishimoto is using and illustrating through the story.

People can argue it takes more than earth and water to create plants, but when lookiing in context of the manga, when looking at his story, who are we to say "no, Kishimoto, this is wrong."

I'm not saying what I said is Kishimoto's exact concept of the yin/yang philosophy. This wasn't intended to debate philosophy, but more of Kishimoto using the yin/yang principle to define the foundation of chakra; body and spiritual energies.

Which, to me, shows strong and, most likely, irrefutable evidence.