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    Trapped in Itachi-san's genjutsu
    I say we call the manga Akatsuki. I have always felt that they should have their own spin off.

    I am an Uchiha fan. There I said it.
    Now that Itachi's dead I will never get out of this genjutsu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    I just had to make this thread. People worshipping sasuke upto the point they think the manga should be called "Sasuke"

    But I have a questions:

    *How interesting will it be watching sasuke outside battles? ...because his only good for the fights (After he gets his ass owned and a helping hand by kishi), what about when he isn't fighting?????

    My answer would be - I wouldn't bother with chapters if it doesn't have sasuke fighting. Outside battles he would be boring to watch. It won't even be fun watching him train since he just has to watch and copy the jutsu. The manga won't be as popular as Naruto.
    can u show me the thread that make u seems to think that people worshipping sasuke??
    as far as i see... in manga share many people are "worshipping to hate sasuke"...
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