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    Okay, I just want to get this off my chest, because this has been bothering me since I've found out that Rukia had Shikai. And Has had her shikai since Kaien was alive.

    She did not use her shikai against a noob hollow. Instead she thought that giving away her Shinigami powers to Ichigo was better than using her Shikai. Her shikai could have downed that weak hollow in less than a minute, but she chose to Jack things up.

    Is she retarded? She's had her Shikai for OVER 40 years.

    Sakura, would not hold back if her fist made contact with Rukia's face. Rukia's brain would explode out of the back of her skull with Real Life Physics in play.

    Sakura >>>>>>>>>> Rukia

    I don't care about 'shinigami magic'

    Shannaro > Shinigami Magic

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    Out of all those fights Itachi and Aizen's would be the best.

    Itachi would win because he takes his fights seriously. Plus Aizen doesn't have enough hate to beat Itachi.

    I am an Uchiha fan. There I said it.
    Now that Itachi's dead I will never get out of this genjutsu.

    Don't stare directly into any of the eyes.

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    Ok here go my awnsers ( ^.-)

    1) Naruto vs Ichigo ~Main character bash~

    Naruto - beacuse Naruto determination never wavers in a battle no matter how strong his opponet. He wont bend his words! Ichigo is bad ass when hes serious but his determination wavers sometimes in the middle of a battle.

    2) Renji vs Kiba ~Wild man battle~

    Renji - A wild & fun battle but Renji's bankai form might push Kiba beyond his limits

    3) Rukia vs Sakura ~There's only room for 1 top female~

    Sakura - This would be a close battle IMO but Sakura's insane strength would overcome Rukias Kido

    4) Inoue vs Hinata ~Weak willed battle~

    Hinata - This fight would start of real boring with Naruto and Ichogo cheering on the side lines loudly. Hinata would win beacuse she has shown more determination to fight.

    5) Chad vs Choji ~Big boy rumble~

    Chad - An intresting fight but Chad would knock him unconcious

    6) 3rd Hokage vs 1st Squad Yamamoto ~Old man rumble~

    Yamamoto - Yam still retains his power in his old age while the 3rd has grown weaker :(

    7) Rock Lee vs 2nd Squad Soi Fong ~Lotus vs Bee~

    Rock Lee - Unlocking the gates is the key to victory

    8) Kabuto vs 3rd Squad Gin ~Battle of the fake smiles~

    Gin - Kabuto would be a hard one to beat with his medical abilites but Gin would just narrowly beat him

    9) Tsunade vs 4th Squad Unohana ~Medical female rumble~

    Tsunade - This fight would go on a looong time with both injuring and healing thier own wounds.

    10) Itachi vs 5th Squad Aizen ~The Battle of Illusions~

    Itachi - His Sharingan would see thru Aizens Illusion and his Amaterasu + Susanoo would be too much for Aizen

    11) Gaara vs 6th Squad Kuchiki ~Infinite cherry blossoms vs Infinite sand~

    Kuchiki - This would be one of the most epic battles. Kuchiki has speed on his side which may make the diffrence.

    12) Might Gai vs 7th Squad Komamuru ~Brute strength battle~

    Might Gai - A fun battle but the flamming peacock thing would own this puppy

    13) Jiraiya vs 8th Squad Kyouraku ~Fight or Peeping?~

    Jiraiya - His Hermi mode Toad sage Genjutsu would end this!

    14) Shikamaru vs 9th Squad Tousen ~Shadow & Senses~

    Shikimaru - Tousens Bankai creates absolute darkness..Sikamru would control the darkness to choke the life out of him.

    15) Sasuke vs 10th Squad Hitsugaya ~Battle of the Boy geniuses~

    Sasuke - Fire vs Ice would be intresting but his lightining and sharingan would make the diffrence.

    16) Kisame vs 11th Squad Kenpachi ~Battle Crazed rumble~

    Kisame - These two monsters with thier enourmus Chakra/Reitsu would put on one hell of a show. Kisame can use more than just swords combat tho.

    17) Orochimaru vs 12th Squad Kurotsuchi ~Battle of the freaks~

    Orochimaru - These two freaks who love to experiment on ppl would kukuku each other but Oro would put a serious smack down on Kuro. White snake vs Creepy gold Bankai worm thing.

    18) Kimimaro vs 13th Squad Ukitake ~Sickly battle~

    Kimimaro - a hard one to call but Kimi body is almost indestructable.

    and the bonus

    19) 4th Hokage vs Yoruchi ~Flash Steps vs Yellow Flash~

    4th Hokage - This would be my favorite fight but I think if Konhas Yellow flash could beat the 9 tail fox he could handle Yoruchi

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    What chakra type are you?

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