Ok so I didn't mind Ichigo having a few power ups. I mean he had a hollow inside of him, sure. He gets control over it and starts using his mask, and he can go berserk and open a can. He also has his zampakuto which gives him power and he ultimately gains a powerful fusion. I GET IT. GREAT STORY.

Skip forward and Ichigo loses his power. So he has to learn a new one? I don't get it but I guess if the story must go on. Eventually he gets all his powers back and apparently is just as strong if not stronger than before for NO REASON. However, he gets overpowered by some new badass to which Ichigo replies "I've got Quincy shit now, BIOTCH!" DUMB. DUMBER AND DUMBEST.

So we've got how many years of this manga left? The only thing left to do is either A: Ichigo makes up a new power that only he can use because he created it out of the dreams of kittens, or B: Ichigo explodes.

Lets count the abilities of Ichigo.

1. Human
2. Shinigami
3. Hollow
4. Full Bringer
5. Quincy

FUCK THAT. Why don't you just learn some new abilities from Zangetsu. Isn't that what he's for? How about some character progression? All we ever see from Ichigo is screaming and more screaming and then some crying which later gives him a power-up through more screaming.

I'm letting this series stew for a couple months before I bother reading it again.