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thats wut i've been saying a younger 3rd hokage must've been da craziest shinobi ever.

oh and Gaara having 10 in chakra has nothing to do with Shukaku. These stats arent taking into account "power boosters"

Gaara had 8 in chakra in the beginnin. he maxed out his chakra AFTER the chunnin exam when he became a good guy (when he fought kimimaro). This is Gaara's own chakra if u think about it it makes a lot of sense.

Because it must take insane amounts of chakra to move all that sand. This is why I keep insisting that Gaara's bijuu isnt the reason why he's able to control sand, just like kyuubi isnt the reason that Naruto is able to do Kage Bushin nor Rasengan.
yeah gaara does use alot of sick sand jutsu that probally take up a large amount of chakra. the only thing he really benefits from shukaku without intentionally drawing on its power is the sands ability to protect him or at least thats what i thought