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    It was definetely, without a doubt, better than the first movie. It had a lot of action, which was good, imo. But other than that, there are a whole lot of weird things in the movie too. I was hoping Yachiru would make more than that little appearance... At least, she could have been on Kenpachi's shoulder while he was fighting... Well, actually, Yachiru doesn't really stay on Kenpachi's shoulder when he fights... Meh. It could have been better, but I think it was really good compared to the fist Bleach movie... Yeah. =)
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    i wanna watchit! but cant find the time...
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    I liked the first movie better, because I watched it till the end. Cant say the same about the second, I stopped at the first half hour. Then picked it up again, only to get impressed a little by the fight scenes (nothing more). But I agree with that other dude, throwing in bankai's and powerfull attacks like tissues does not make up for the worthless uninteresting storyline.

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