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    Still only circumstantial evidence. Compelling, but circumstantial all the same. As it stands, that evidence does not hold up unless more information is provided. In any case, the simplest solution is still always the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xephy View Post
    Well that's just one, but if you also remember when they fight Yamijii during the Soul Society Arc, that their elements are suggested from their release calls;

    Ukitake: nami kotogotoku waga tate to nare, ikazuchi kotogotoku waga yaiba to nare. which means "Waves rise now and become my shield. Lightning strike now and become my blade."


    Kyouraku : hana kaze midarete, kashin naki, tenpū midarete, tenma warau
    Flower wind rage and flower god roar. Heavenly wind rage and heavenly demon sneer"
    I first assumed Hisagi's weapon was a paired one such as Ukitake's and Kyouraku's at first till I noticed that both of these 'paired' zanpaktous have double release calls whereas Hisagi's only has one.

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    actually there is a simple explanation to this.
    Yamajii simply doesn't know that there is another one.
    as shown in this page the only ones to know about Kira's
    zanpakuto are renji and hinamori and that implies that gin,his captain
    at the time also doesn't know.i'm guessing that when chosing captains
    Yamajii knows all about them in trial but i'm guessing that he doesn't have
    to know all about vice captains or lower.if i remenber well
    one of the ways to become captain is to be recomended
    by a certain number of captains and to be aproved by some
    more,that method does not implie knowing their bankai or shikai
    for that matter,what matters is results i suppose.
    think about it if you are recomended and your mission results
    are acceptable what else does yamajii need to know?imagine knowing
    shikai form of all seated officers...that's alot.

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    Have anyone ever though that maybe yamamotot was refering to the fact that the Ukitake and kyoraku zanapakuto exist as a pair as in they manifest as two form independent of each ohter, (ex the twin kids and the two girls) as oppose to a single one like zangetsu or zibimaru. Thus even though there are character with two weapons, those two weapons have only one character representing them, while Sōgyo no Kotowari and Katen Kyōkotsu true form compose of two character representing one zanpakuto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erratic View Post
    That makes sense too. Would also make sense considering Ikkaku's zanpaktou is technically a 3-piece but is 1 weapon as a whole. Maybe Hisagi's zanpaktou is considered 1 weapon instead of being "double-bladed"
    Well... the pic of Halibel x Nell is so hot!!!

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