more spoilers

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This is something about Naruto and his teammates
Kiba: Sasuke is about 25 km southeast from here
Naruto: “something” let’s hurry ’tebayo!
Yamato: !! 
   : You!
Everyone (?): Akatsuki
Pein stands behind Kakashi
Pein: …
Yamato: あいつが相手となるとまずすぎる
Kakashi: Yamato, do you know that guy?
Yamato: Something about he knows Pein, his family and his Kekkei Genkai, which is related to his pupils
Pein dissapears
Yamato: !
   : Makes some Wood jutsu
The jutsu Yamato made appears
5 people fall under Yamato’s jutsu
Yamato: Telling naruto something about the wooden prison he made for protection
   : “i think that he is not sure about what he can do with that kekkei genkai”
Yamato takes out a kunai and kakashi his sharingan
Someone from hebi: He seems to be tired
Karin: Sasuke seems to be seriously injured
重吾: Meanwhile I’ll be watching
Back with Itachi
Kisame: So your little brother is alive?
Itachi: いやそうではない…
Kisame: まだ他にもうちは一族がいるんですか? 
Itachi: …
Back with naruto and the others
Pein stabs Yamato in the chest
Yamato’s jutsu is released and Naruto is free again
Kakashi: こいつはやばすぎる,お前達は急いで退け
Naruto don’t want to retreat
Naruto: Kage bunshin no jutsu
Kiba: Stop it Naruto
Something that Kakashi hits Naruto causing him to faint
Someone named “Tusk” (I think is a nin dog) takes Naruto and leaves
Kakashi: Mangekyou Sharingan
Pein: …
Next Chapter: Kakashi VS Pein, conclusion!!