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    Quote Originally Posted by thsv View Post
    This may sem off topic but in the official release of volume 32 ROOTS has been replaced with "The Foundation"

    And it seems Sai's penis references have been toned down. With the first one when he fights Naruto, Shikamaru and Chouji he says "Are you a boy or a girl?" In the hot spring he says "So you are a boy"
    Seems like you and Kishi have something in common =) ...
    so your first focus was on the penis ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punchy View Post
    How Many Bijuus is there left?
    Meaning how many did they capture ?
    If possible please refer each capture with each page of manga... would be great !!!!

    I have the picture of the 9 tales bearer so i want to like identify them by picture and so on .. and speculate myself how dangerous the others are

    There's two Bijuus left. Those being the 8-tails and the 9-tails.

    We've seen 4 Bijuu/Jinchuuriki captured:





    We havn't seen the other captures.


    Awesome, just awesome

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    Seeing ohw Sasuke pwned hachibi with ameterasu doesnt seem the other are strong at all lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaraky696 View Post
    Seeing ohw Sasuke pwned hachibi with ameterasu doesnt seem the other are strong at all lol.
    You fail to realize that 8-bi tricked Sasuke and arose from the battle unharmed >:p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregge View Post
    There's two Bijuus left. Those being the 8-tails and the 9-tails.

    We've seen 4 Bijuu/Jinchuuriki captured:





    We havn't seen the other captures.
    Thats right. Then there were the two Deidara refered to when he was taunting Naruto during the Garaa retrival arc. And somewhere in between they captured the seventh without showing us.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
    Troll Tagged by Uzumaki_Tim

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    Any translation of the Kabuto page yet?

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    This thread seemed dead so I add some life to it!

    Some more translations I found not sure I have seen these posted ( I DID NOT TRANSLATE ANY OF THIS ) Give credit to the many translators whom I dont know lol

    Ukojizai no Jutsu - Fierce Raining at Will-Pein rain jutsu

    transforming one's chakura into the form of rain, it is used as a detecting jutsu. In Amegakure village, it rains every sunday. This rain, Pain himself uses his chakura to form rain clouds to make it rain.
    While the rain is falling, each and every single droplet of water is linked with Pain, notifying him of anything or anyone elses' chakura that is not of the village. Until Pain undoes the jutsu, it will keep raining. When he has to leave the village, he will always use this jutsu on the village to look out for it.


    Gentoushin no Jutsu:
    Magic Lantern Body Technique (幻灯身の術, Gentoushin no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
    User: Pain

    Floating in the darkness are virtual images of the "Akatsuki"!!

    The "Akatsuki" members sit down and send out "though waves," converted into chakra. These thought waves are then picked up by Pain, acting as a kind of control tower. This technique amplifies the thought waves and broadcasts them to a specific location through illusionary bodies. The illusionary bodies differ from being mere reflections. While Pain is relaying the members' thoughts, they can still use varying jutsu.

    [picture of Pain using this technique]
    →The chakra of the Akatsuki members is perceived by Pain. The amplified thought waves are then broadcast through the illusionary bodies.

    Zoufuku Kuchiyose no Jutsu:
    Amplification Summoning Technique (増幅口寄せの術, Zoufuku Kuchiyose no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Pain

    The heads multiply with each hit!!
    An endlessly continuing attack Samsara*

    [picture of Pain's multi-headed dog summon]
    ↑Pain's giant dog summon multiplies each time it is "hit". With its limitlessly multiplying heads, it's like a watchdog of Hell**!!

    A "Summoning Technique" appended with a special condition. The summoned creature is given a condition like "when hit by an attack, multiply". When that condition is met, the technique for multiplying oneself is invoked.

    ↓Of course, it can also be used to attack dispersed enemies...!!
    [picture of the multi-headed dog splitting into several single-headed dogs and attacking Jiraiya and Gamaken]

    *Samsara, or Rinne (輪廻) in Japanese, is the endless cycle of death and rebirth in Buddhism. This term is also used in Pain's Rinnegan.
    **Jigoku no Banken (地獄の番犬, "Watchdog of Hell") is the Japanese term used to refer to the three-headed Cerberus of greek and Roman myth.

    Kyoumen Shuuja no Jutsu:
    Mirrored Sudden Attacker (鏡面襲者の術, Kyoumen Shuuja no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Pain

    Nature and abilities are almost exactly the same!!
    One's own clone, as if reflected by a full-length mirror!!

    A double trap laid under the "Five Seal Barrier". This technique is automatically started when the "Forbidden"-fuda* are removed. The remover's appearance, battle skills, and so on are perfectly copied by a duplicate body that appears and attacks suddenly!! Because the double has a fixed amount of stamina, it's at a disadvantage in a drawn-out battle. In order to cancel this technique, the one who removed the fuda has no choice but to grow beyond how they were at the time they removed it.

    [picture of the ground bulging]
    [picture of a clone taking form]
    ↑→The instant the "forbidden"-fuda are removed, this technique is invoked. As the copies rise from the ground, they take on the shape of the one who removed the fuda!!

    The only way to win is to exceed oneself!?

    *A fuda, or o-fuda (御札) is a kind of talisman or charm, made of paper. It is placed on walls, pillars, doors , and windows as a guard against evil spirits and such. They are often seen in manga and anime as a kind of mystical weapon. The exploding tags in Naruto are fuda, for example.

    The mystery of the Kyuubi Seal:

    Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collecton ~ Number Thirty-one

    |What was the Yondaime's true motive!? The Mystery of the Kyuubi Seal|

    On Naruto's abdomen is the jutsu formula that seals the "Kyuubi". The seal is weakening and suppressing the Kyuubi becomes more and more difficult over the years. However, the seal has many mysterious points. It seems the real intention is concealed, known only to the Yondaime who applied the seal.

    ←It's impossible for Naruto, as well, to completely control the Kyuubi's power flooding him.

    ↑The "Yin chakra" was sealed with the "Dead Demon Consuming Seal," using the Yondaime's life as a sacrifice.

    Why did the Yondaime split the Kyuubi's chakra in two and contained only the "Yang chakra" inside Naruto!? Now that he has been entrusted with the key to the seal, there is no other possibility than that Naruto himself will solve this puzzle, left behind by his late father.

    Fukasaku (Pa Toad)

    Main text:

    The Sacred Mountain where numerous Toads are assembled. In Myoubokuzan (Mt. Myouboku), he is one of the Two Great Toad Sages, second in status to the Grand Toad Hermit. He is also a teacher to Jiraiya, from the Sannin. The one who personally pounded the power of the Toads and Senjutsu into him. Trained up in the use of chakra in symbiosis with Nature, this 800 year-old doesn't know decline. His demeanor gives out a sense of magnificence, and the Toads under his command hold him in great esteem, calling him the "Boss". Because the number of people who summon him is extremely limited, he doesn't take an active part in conflicts, but the one times when he does proceed onto the battlefield, he will let out his out-of-this-world jutsu, as so many miracles!!


    Don't overdo it, Mom.

    The Great Hermit Toad, the Mountain Sage who governs the population of Myoubokuzan!!

    Picture comments:

    Fukasaku: Jiraiya-chan, the Grand Oldtimer-sama's had a dream about you. As you already know, it's a prophecy. Listen closely.
    - Holding session at the place where the Grand Toad Hermit makes his prophecies, his wife and him fulfill their important duty!!

    - He's not all about Senjutsu. He excels at handling ninja tools, such as smokescreen bombs!!

    Fukasaku: Yeah... When we're done, Jiraiya-chan and I'll get back home to eat lunch.
    - Shima and him have arguments, like some comical "marital strife" duo. But deep down, they're brimming with affection [towards each other].

    Suiton: Bakusui Shouha:
    Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave (水遁・爆水衝波, Suiton: Bakusui Shouha)
    Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
    User: Hoshigaki Kisame

    An assault by a wild tsunami
    An unprecedented flood disaster!!

    After spitting out a great volume of water from his mouth, the enemy is swallowed up by this advancing surge and crushed...!! The user can ride the wave, allowing them to move at high speed, and attack the enemy, now swept off their feet, without fear of counter-attacks. When used with Kisame's enormous chakra, even dry wastelands will turn into an ocean~~!!

    [picture of a Kisame riding on a large wave, towards Team Guy]
    [picture of Kisame doing a handseal]
    ↑→The water is a field in which Kisame acts unchallenged. When this technique is invoked, the combat area is changed, allowing Kisame to fight in a place where he is at his utmost strongest!

    Suiton: Houmatsu Rappa:
    Water Release: Wild Bubble Wave (水遁・泡沫乱波, Suiton: Houmatsu Rappa)
    Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
    User: Pain's summon

    A wide-angle discharge, instantly covering the target!!

    [picture of Pain's summon performing this technique]
    [picture of Konan being hit by this technique]
    ↑→The torrent of white bubbles completely negate Jiraiya's "Toad Oil Bullet"!! Furthermore, the ground that is covered by the bubbles looses its friction, considerably limiting the opponent's movements.

    The summoned big crab spits out a large volume of bubbles, instantly colouring the entire surface in white!! In addition to their smokescreen effect, the bubbles, spit out with violent force, also have a cleaning effect. Flames, oil... the effects of all techniques are washed away!! Any back-up plans will also just pop like bubbles when this technique is used......!!

    Fuuton: RasenShuriken

    User: Naruto
    Attack / Close Range

    "Ultimate"...this jutsu has certainly earned the right to use that word. This jutsu takes the highly destructive Rasengan, created by taking form manipulation method to its absolute highest level, then uses elemental manipulation to add the wind element! The sharp blades of wind bring this jutsu to an even more deadly level. Its shortcoming is that it only works at close range, however, if it connects there are none who can stand in its way. Even so, it is still only at 50% completion. One can only dream of its destructive power when fully developed..."

    (Second page explains explains the process of Rasengan + Wind. Also he says that there's no point translating the big fat black text, since that usually tends to be all BEST JUTSU EVAR and only causes big arguments in the Library)

    "Adding wind to Rasengan to make it reach it's full potential! As you can tell by its name, it appears as a huge shuriken. However, it is actually made up of a mass of tiny blades. The wind chakra spinning in a spiral shape takes the form of countles tiny wind blades, which attack the opponent all at once!"

    HAHAha PA toad really is Yoda that guy is 800 years old!
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    More Stuff I have never seen translated (ONE AGAIN I DID NOT TRANSLATE ANY OF THIS)



    Page 1

    "Master of the Fourth Hokage", "Legendary Sannin", "Toad Hermit"... For his overwhelming skill as a shinobi and in related areas, Jiraiya is a great hero, continuously lauded as a "Living Legend" by the shinobi of Konoha. However, the man himself raises an objection to such praise. According to him, he has no such qualifications. Deep down, Jiraiya is compiling his personal, intimate story.

    Page 2

    With Naruto's travelling studies completed, Jiraiya came back to the Hidden Village of Konoha after two years and a half. With his disciple entrusted to Kakashi, Jiraiya faded into the shadows, and resumed his intelligence-gathering activities. Which meant, chasing after the bonds between Naruto and Sasuke, as well as his own bonds with Orochimaru.

    The Sannin
    Orochimaru used to be a comrade, with whom the Sannin made it into legend. Stopping his madness was Jiraiya's self-inflicted punishment, an ever-present concern he harbored like a shadow. For that very reason, he even turned down the position of Hokage, and proceeded to support the village from the shadows.
    But Orochimaru died suddenly. This was the end of an era, and Jiraiya was the one who brought the information. Jiraiya slipped into the shadows once again. To fight off the new threat, and protect the woman and the village he loved...

    Fortuitous encounter
    Pain. He who controls the Akatsuki, that dark cloud covering the shinobi world in darkness. When the confrontation Jiraiya has been seeking out takes place, Jiraiya sees traces of his former disciple, Nagato, in the ripples within Pain's eyes... [For example, "To be accompanied by pain", or "I want to protect my comrades".] That was the young boy's wish, his oath.

    Once he surmounted his pain, he'd be the one to show the way to the world. The disciple who once believed so had completely changed. Setting his eyes upon him, Jiraiya fully realizes the depth of his own destiny, and how heavy the "Chains of Fate" are, to give things a name!!

    In the middle of a battle to the death, Jiraiya recalls the prophecy he's been delivered by the Grand Toad Hermit. "His disciple would bring about a significant change to the world." No good, no prosperity could possibly come out of the revolution Pain is ushering!! So once again, he makes a choice. The grown man who used to be his favorite student, whom he believed to be the Child of Prophecy, he shall cast down into oblivion with his very own hands...

    Page 3

    He who withstands and endures
    The fact he couldn't save his Minato and his own master fills his mind. He regrets he couldn't stop Orochimaru... To this point, he hasn't accomplished anything in his entire life. Before he'd realized it, a feeling of resignation had started to sprout within Jiraiya... However, while he is covered in wounds, two of his disciples have him remember what he really is about. The most important thing to a shinobi. That is, "a heart that withstands and endures."

    Entrusted feelings (hope)
    His heart has stopped, every cell in his body has renounced to life. Even then, Jiraiya does not give up. The facts he's grasped... and his will, he writes onto Fukasaku's back, with trembling fingertips!! So he can entrust them to his last disciple, the Child of Prophecy!!

    The "Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya" finally comes to an end... However, the new story Jiraiya has to compose is yet to start, that is for sure!!


    Page 1

    That's what the cool older people do, innit?

    The Toad Hermit agitates his lion's mane is a cheerful and happy Kabuki dance!!

    Page 2

    Leaving the front stage to the next generation, he choses himself to act from within the shadows.

    In his reunion with with his disciple, remembering is an important mission.

    Page 3

    He taught the way of the shinobi to his favorite students, he enforces it upon himself!!

    Picture comments (In Japanese reading order)

    Page 1

    - Jiraiya has been pursuing his intelligence activities for long years. The technique he uses to unseal people's lips while avoiding needless killing is truly brilliant!!

    - A top-notch strategy, cultivated from experience, rich in shrewdness!! It shall cut the Gordian knot!!

    - Even in the middle of a battle to the death, the comical pauses are guaranteed!! A joyful way to encourage himself!!

    Page 2

    - From his master's hands to those of his superior officer. Naruto is recognized as a grown man by Jiraiya.

    - Inside of Nauto, a calamity slumbers. Even though he's recognized Naruto's talent, he hasn't forgotten to be cautious...

    - The Trio* that walked through bloody battlefields together. Their bonds are yet to fade away.

    - Tsunade never stopped rejecting him. Even as years piled up his feelings remained unshaken, but as a man, he has the elegance not to express them.

    - Are those markings tears of blood shed before his disciple's transfiguration?

    - No doubt about it, the choice he was told about takes place now!! For the shinobi world must be protected, Jiraiya comes to a decision.

    - Jiraiya's strike, where sympathy meets determination!! (ndt: I'm not 100% sure about that one) This attack destroyed Pain's eyes...!! (ndt: This one's okay, though).

    Page 3

    - With his left arm gone, he is no longer in a condition to fight. Despite this, Jiraiya keeps up the challenge!!

    - The Pains swooped down all at once. With their daggers, they pierced through Jiraiya's flesh, then his heart!!

    - As he was fading away, Jiraiya came** to his true decision. His smile expresses his trust in the one he entrusted with everything!!


    Main text

    Page 1

    As one of the Sannin, Orochimaru made a name for himself, and used to be the pride of Konoha. The Professor, Sandaime Hokage even said of him: even with my intelligence, I can't possibly compete with such talent." But time passed by, and the former hero had walked away from the path of glory long ago... His fame was twisted into an synonym of evil, his brilliant mind embraced the way of immorality and corruption. A madman hellbent on worldwide chaos and everlasting life, he kept producing a great many victims and devoted followers, so even if his physical form was to rot, he would still be able to walk the surface of the earth...

    Page 2

    The day a child strongly craved for "rebirth".
    Orochimaru's interest in rebirth has been greatly influenced by experiences from his early childhood. On his parents' gravestone, he'd found the discarded skin of a white snake... Could it be the starting point of his ambitions came from a pure-hearted wish...?

    A container for his dreams.
    Ever since the one day he suffered complete defeat against Itachi's powerful eyes, the body from one of the Uchiha clan became, to Orochimaru, the container of his dreams. And now Sasuke, survivor of that clan, stood within his grasp. Whenever he thought about the day he'd be uncovering the mysteries behind countless jutsu, his soul embedded within Sasuke's body, which he'd polished with his own hands, Orochimaru would tremble with joy.

    The ritual of Transmigration*.
    Orochimaru's fanatical dedication to his own appetites was too much. His confidence in his own wisdom was too much. Orochimaru's vision was clouded by his restless desires... The moment of his transfer into Sasuke should have been that of the fulfillment of his dreams. But in Orochimaru's special dimension, where even countless people at once wouldn't be able to oppose him, Sasuke, who was supposed to be but a mere container, took control...!!

    Crumbled ambition.
    Even deprived of an envelope, Orochimaru was plotting his revival. But even that tenacity crumbled before Itachi's Totsuka no Tsurugi (Sword of Totsuka). As of now, the only remainders of his ambition are but faint traces inside of Kabuto's body...


    Page 1

    - It will take much more than jutsu from the likes of you to be able to kill me.

    - The fascinating serpent who succumbs to ambition and greed, and travels across to a twisted world.

    Page 2

    - In a quest for eternal life, the corrupted Circle of Reincarnation** is allowed to repeat itself.

    - Predator and prey. All touched by the power of the Orochi


    Main text:

    The first female Hokage since the foundation of the Leaf village. Strong and talented, she was once hailed as one of the Sannin, along with Orochimaru and Jiraiya. With her inauguration as Godaime, came a great number of expectations, and she immediately displayed her wit and skill as a village leader. Her assistance in the formation of medical ninjas resulted in a steady increase in excellency. Aware that the Akatsuki was plotting, she took swift action in order to protect the village. To no avail, however, but the loss of shinobi with long years of service behind them, like Asuma or Jiraiya. Tsunade will carry them on. All the hopes and feelings of those who were lost, that is. And the blazing Will of Fire shall keep on burning.


    - As the Fifth Hokage, I will protect it.

    - She's inherited the Will of Fire, and she will protect Konoha with her boiling, unshakable spirit.

    Picture comments

    - Her threatening attitude is the same even in front of the two councilors!! Once she trusts someone, it lasts until the very end.

    - Tsunade's most ardent wish... She doesn't want to lose any more of those who are precious to her.

    - Becoming Hokage didn't alter her lively personality. It... reinforced it

    Originally Posted by Pazuzu
    Hoozuki Suigetsu

    Ninja ID: --
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 18th February (Aquarius)
    Height: 177.4cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Blood Type: B
    Personality: Belligerent
    Favourite food: Yogurt, jelly (mostly drinkable things)
    Least favourite food: Cuttlefish
    Wants to fight: Kisame and the other Seven Swordsmen
    Favourite phrase: "The student always surpasses the master."
    Hobby: Looking after his beloved sword

    Graduated the Academy at ?
    Became a Chuunin at ?

    Missions completed:
    D-Rank: 2
    C-Rank: 33
    B-Rank: 40
    A-Rank: 13
    S-Rank: 4

    This prodigy fights coldly and fearlessly to inherit the legacy of the Seven Swordsmen.

    - Suigetsu freely swings about his great sword. He used to always spar with Jugo, and when he meets him again, the old sparks soon fly!
    - The sword that stood as the signet of the demon Zabuza is now carving out a new legend at the side of the prodigy, Suigetsu.
    - Suigetsu detests being reined in under someone else's umbrella. His bold atitude shows his extreme arrogance.

    The Hidden Mist Village is well-known and feared as the "Village of Bloody Mist:, due to its extremely violent teaching methods. And 16 years ago, that vilage produced a prodigy: the second son of the Hoozuki clan, Suigetsu. With abilities peculiar to his clan and his brother Mangetsu's cruel nature, Suigetsu was known as the "second coming of the demon".
    Along with his brother, he dreamed of one day owning one of the great shinobi swords as they travelled together on dangerous missions. And then the day his brother died with his dream only half-realised, Suigetsu pledged to get his hands on *all* of the swords. And even after the humiliation of being captured by Orochimaru, that dream never ended. And now that Suigetsu is free, he is once again focused in the pursuit of

    Oh so Suigetsu's brother is dead I didnt know that.

    Originally Posted by Herms


    It’s only a little while before we achieve our goals…

    After becoming a member of Akatsuki to replace Sasori, Tobi doesn’t display any amazing activities, but rather aimlessly shows himself during various times. There aren’t many people who know the extent of his abilities, or the face beneath his mask…Uchiha Madara: that is Tobi’s real name. Why is Madara still alive, when he was supposed to have met his demise at the “Valley of the End”, and what is he trying to achieve? This will become clear when Tobi removes his mask, and Uchiha Madara’s ambitions begin to move forward.

    [caption to Tobi talking about nanomachines] When no one is around, the face of Madara, who sees through all, leeks through.

    When he wears Tobi’s mask, he’s an Akatsuki grunt member. He’s purged by Deidara whenever he says too much…

    top: Tobi's strongest weapon even without saying, is Mangekyou Sharingan. Sacrificing his brothers eyes in order to get his power, it can even tame a kyuubi. But Tobi doesn’t show his power wherever there are other Akatsuki members around. Is this to hide his true identity, or for some other reason?...

    Mystery of his power
    Tobi - Madara's power is completely unknown. Even the members of Akatsuki do not witness these abilities. It is only during his few opportunities to battle that merely a few traces of his jutsu are left behind. His body, which wasn’t hit by even a single blow of Itachi's Amaterasu, has the ability to disappear into thin air, as if transcending space. And the most baffling mystery of all is why Madara is even alive. The man who supposedly died in the Valley of the End during Konoha’s founding, his appearance today hasn’t changed. He's the only person to know the life-extending jutsu that deceived even the first hokoage…
    The mystery that is Madara???
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    Loved the part about Tobi / Madara
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    More Translations ( NOT MY TRANSLATION BLAH BLAH ...)

    Ninja Information File - Bijuu (尾獣, "Tailed Beasts")
    Do they come about through the "Wrath of Heaven" or "Human Malice"!?
    The mystery of the enigma-ridden "Bijuu" is revealed here.

    Since time immemorial, their power has brought catastrophe to the world~~

    The "Bijuu," including the "Kyuubi no Youko" sealed within the body of Naruto, are essentially demonic beasts whose sudden appearances were the turning points of entire eras and are considered natural disasters, like earthquakes or lightning. Their bodies are made up of vast amounts of chakra and their personalities are ferocious and cruel. When they begin to act violently, nothing can be done. Hitherto, there existence is a symbol of "menace".

    There are altogether nine Bijuu known. The "Ichibi" has one tail, the "Nibi" has two tails; the amount of tails is indicated by their name. Once, the Shodai had some of them in his hold. As proof of treaties and pacts, he divided them among the other countries and so brought back the balance of power. In recent years, their have scattered all over the world. Their current whereabouts are only know to a few people.

    Kyuubi (九尾, "Nine-Tails")
    The strongest Bijuu that once attacked Konoha!! Because of the Yondaime Hokage's jutsu, it is now sealed inside Naruto.

    Only two remain to be added to the Akatsuki's Bijuu collection!!

    So they can create a "Kinjutsu weapon," the Akatsuki are now in the middle of a "Bijuu hunt". The remaining Bijuu are the Kyuubi and the Hachibi (八尾, "Eight-Tails") . What will happen when the Akatsuki has gotten their hands on all of them...?

    [picture of Kakuzu and Hidan]
    →In their search for the Bijuu, the Akatsuki travel from place to place.

    [picture of the Sealing Statue]
    ↓The captured Bijuu are sealed into the "Sealing Statue" (封印像, Fuuizou).

    Nibi (二尾, "Two-Tails")
    A monster cat, said to be a "living spirit" (生霊, Ikiryou). It has flexible muscles, giving it a speed unbefitting its large build.

    Sanbi (三尾, "Three-Tails")
    A giant turtle with a hard shell. Not having a "Jinchuuriki," it lived at the bottom of a lake. It was silenced by Deidara's "Exploding Clay" and captured.

    Ichibi (一尾, "One-Tails")
    Called "Shukaku" (守鶴), it's the living spirit of an elderly priest. In the possession of Sunagakure, it was used in the research into Jinchuuriki.

    What about the rest of the Bijuu...!?
    The Akatsuki have gotten their hands on the Ichibi to the Nanabi (七尾, "Seven-Tails"), while the Kyuubi is inside Naruto. Where on earth could the Hachibi be...?

    The power sought in times of war

    During the Ninja World Wars, people became fascinated by the idea of using the Bijuu's overwhelming powers as weapons... However, controlling that power wasn't easy. So to be able to manipulate that power, the Bijuu were sealed into people. Thus, the "Jinchuuriki" were born. Despite this, it seems that power still couldn't be truly controlled.

    [picture of Naruto in his Four-Tailed state powering up his chakra blast]
    →Each country has tried to use the power of the Jinchuuriki as a weapon.

    Fuuinjutsu: Shishi Heikou:
    Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar (封印術・獅子閉哮, Fuuinjutsu: Shishi Heikou)
    Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Chiyo

    From the ball of light comes a lion
    With a roar, the enemy is crucified and dealt with!!

    ↓The ninja tool "Lion-Headed Kannon*" (獅子首観音, Shishikubi Kannon) transforms from a sphere into a lion's head and then grows huge.
    [picture of the Lion-Headed Kannon opening its mouth]

    [picture of the small light ball being thrown at Sasori]
    ↑Furthermore, the tool is prepared with a sealing formula and then thrown to the target.

    [picture of the Lion-Headed Kannon nearing Sasori]
    [picture of Sasori's body being sealed]
    ↑→Its huge mouth opens and crucifies the target against the surface of a wall, while at the same time, the sealing formula develops!!

    Chakra is completely blocked!!

    This jutsu draws a "sealing formula" on, for instance, the ground or a wall and completely blocks the target's chakra. In the centre of the sealing formula is the "閉" ("close," "shut") symbol. Furthermore, the tenketsu of the person caught in the centre are all closed. However, getting the target exactly inside the sealing formula is difficult. Therefore, one can make use of various measures, like preparing a puppet or ninja tool with the sealing formula.

    *Kannon is the bodhisattva of compassion. She is also widely known under her Chinese name, Guan Yin.

    Kikou Junbuu:
    Mechanical Light Shield Block (機光盾封, Kikou Junbuu)
    Ninjutsu, B-rank, Defensive, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Chiyo

    A mysterious chakra shining with splendour becomes a shield boasting a strong defence!!

    A chakra shield used in the puppetry art. A mechanism inside the puppet opens its arms into a couple of segments, through which the user radiates their chakra. The chakra spreads out like a thin film and turns into a protective sheet, preventing all physical attacks and keeping the user safeguarded...!!

    [Picture of the "Father" puppet using this technique]
    ←Chakra threads are still let through, so the user is still able to flow chakra to their puppets.

    Shirohigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu:
    White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu* Collection of Ten Puppets (白秘技・十機近松の集, Shirohigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu)
    Ninjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, All ranges
    User: Chiyo

    The ten masterpieces of the pioneer of puppetry, each one boasting a military prowess capable of matching a thousand!!

    The main point of this technique is summoning The "Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets," the masterpieces of the first puppet user Monzaemon* and using the "Puppet Technique" to manipulate them at will. Called "An amount matching ones fingers," with this puppet collection it is literally possible to use "one puppet with each finger," each boasting a power matching a thousand...!! However, to use all of these secret mechanisms demands extremely high class expertise and skill!!

    [picture of Chiyo unrolling the scroll holding these puppets]
    ↑The scroll Chiyo unrolls. The Chikamatsu Collection appears from the "Gate" (門, mon) crests...!!
    ↓The "Ten strongest puppets," that are said to have once "conquered an entire castle"!!
    [picture of the unsealed puppets surrounding Chiyo]

    [pictures of the puppets fighting]
    ←↑Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, projectile weapons, and so on. The "Chikamatsu Collection" reveals they have terrifying prowess in each of these!! Furthermore, as they can change their numbers by combining, the number of abilities they can show becomes even greater!!

    *Chikamatsu Monzaemon is a famous Japanese playwright, sometimes called the Shakespear of Japan. He's most famous for the plays he wrote for Bunraku, the traditional Japanese puppet theatre. Both "mon"s in Monzaemon are written with the kanji for "gate" (門), explaining the crests on the scroll

    Sanbou Kyuukai:
    Three Jewels* Suction Crushing (三宝吸潰, Sanbou Kyuukai)
    Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-5m)
    User: Chiyo

    Three puppets press their hands together in prayer and create a whirling wind, sucking in all things and crushing them

    A performance by three of the puppets from the "Chikamatsu Collection". The three puppets get into a triangular formation and by opening the mechanisms marked with "Buddha," "Dharma," and "Sangha,"* respectively, they invoke this technique. A terrifying tornado breaks out and suck the target into the centre of the formation. Everything that is sucked into the centre of the formation is completely crushed and shot out from the back.

    [picture of the puppets performing this technique]
    [picture of Sasori's puppets being sucked in]
    ↑→The tornado that breaks out sucks dozens of puppets at once into the centre of the formation and crushes them with tremendous force.

    *The Three Treasures are a concept from Buddhism and refer to the Buddha (仏, butsu), the Dharma (法, hou) and the Sangha (僧, sou). The Buddha refers to either the Gautama Buddha or the concept of the Buddha nature, the Dharma refers to the teachings of the Buddha, and the Sangha to the community of those who have attained enlightenment (or more broadly to all practising Buddhists).

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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