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Thread: please no!

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    Quote Originally Posted by master.roly View Post
    this is a good point. if it is like this, then maybe the jutsu sasuke used was the same kakashi uses, but with more control.

    also, i dont remember correctly, but i think deidra lost an arm to kakashi's technique, and i think tobi returned the arm to him. doesnt that mean that he can use that same jutsu kakashi uses and thats how he was able to return the arm. if someone could find this in the manga it would be of great help.
    I was kinda just thinking the jutsu was to out the flames lol, or maybe something like that bu with more depth( because it wi be kind of lame for a jutsu to out something only you can do)..
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    Haha, the Uchiha will no longer be Konoha's police force, they'll be Konoha's firefighters! I do agree the flame extinguishing thing looks a lot like a cleaner version of Kakashi's dimensional warp. Maybe because Kakashi isn't an Uchiha, his MS jutsu is really messy and exhausting.

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    when kakashi uses his ms technique, its virtually instantaneous. when sasuke put out the flame, it looked like the flame died out. theres a difference i think, if the flame was warped away, then it would have been instant. it looked like a flame that was dying out, so i think the technique is different

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