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I feel sad now :'(

I just watched the 1st episode of Bleach and it was SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

Everything was done so well and creatively, I loved the opening, probably the best opening so far. The drawing was rough but still defined, and the emotion behind the story was all there, it was OP-esque. Damn I really wish the drawers would re watch the first part of the series and go back to the basics. Attention to detail is what attracted most of us to this anime, and now all were doing is hanging on because we want to know what the outcome is, just like a bad soap opera T_T
Well, if you read the manga, like I do and I'm assuming a number of others here, you aren't necessarily watching to see the outcome (since you already know what's gonna happen). It's just a matter (for me anyways) of seeing the fights come to life.

Even though I'm not a fan of the effort (or lack there of) that the animators put into Bleach, I think they're budgeting they're money. You can only produce top quality episodes for so long, before funds become an issue. I think they're just keeping it low quality for the regular episodes of plot development, smaller fights and such...and then when they reach a major fight, they put some more money in, and up the quality. The only good thing I can really pull out of it is that we appreciate the high quality episodes we get that much more when we get them, since they're so few and far between.