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Thread: Epic Meal Time

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    Epic Meal Time

    I was watching these guys on youtube and it's F'n Awesome, just wanted to share some of my fav Videos. They got 21 videos in total and upload a new vid every tuesday.

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    Gokai Change! Chris200's Avatar
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    Yup seen this a lot, Main guy looks like he is high on meat. Wonder how many Heart Attacks have happened

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    Every health nuts worst nightmare. I'd try one of their meals once, most likely love it, and then would never in good conscience be able to eat their food again. Talk about dangerously delicious. The Double Down sandwiches were enormous, and that chili would make for an awesome superbowl/party dish. I had to get something to eat after I saw those.

    "Next time we eat a gun!" OK that was funny.

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    Lol it's porn for fat people. :p

    I love that show.
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    Chili Four Loko Calories: 46,255 (Original bangers bitch)
    Fast Food Shusi Calories: 11,816 (Roll one up homie)
    Double Kill Calories: 5,214 (Though I think its more)

    That's a total of 63,285 Calories. After eating the Chili Four Loko dude should of had like 5 heart attacks. It's just insane!

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    Oh my fucking god , i felt like getting a Heartattack just from watching this^^ it looks deadly tasty.

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