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    ^ Jiraiya's genjutsu was pwnage. Post away atriede!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    my favorite as definatley the Zabuza arc. He may have not been any where near the strongest villain in the manga. But he is definatley one of my favorite. Zabuza was badass with a cool sword. When he first appeared Sasuke pissed his pants. You cant beat that.
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    One of my new favourite momments is the introduction of Killerbee and the land of lightning. I saw this cool/goofy rapping guy and I grudually got interested in finding out more about the land of lighting.

    My top ten favourites out of Naruto part 2 are:

    (1)Yamato hinting that Sakura is in love with Naruto, and Sakura ruuning like a mad woman and wrapping her arms round Naruto to protect him from the Kyuubi all the whilst crying. Of course this was too much of a good thing and Kishi had to ruin it, as we find later on that Sakura loves Sasuke.

    (2) Naruto training for Rasenshurikenj (I was interested in the actual traininjg, and the mentioning of Yondaime in this arc, but the actual Jutsu itself, plus the fight against Kakuzu that followed the arc was boring in my opinion.

    (3)The first introduction of Pain, with an emphasis on the FIRST intro, because the first introduction made Pein look like a cool fearsome red headed dude that defeated Hanzou at the age of only 15 and started a revuloution. I was really excited. What jutsu did this red headed dude who ruled even Itachi himself posses. What was he like when he took control of Rain country. He was from the Royal Fuuma clan, does that mean he had other family members who were powerfull. And why did he look like Naruto with piercings, and have red hair like naruto's mum, was he related to Naruto, maybe an uncle or cousin. The possibilities were endless. And all these tantalising possibilities were totaly destroyed by Kishi when he revealed:

    (a) that pain to be simply a clone,
    (b) Nagato to be the real character
    (c) All this followed by some boring annoying, ''i'm not evil i'm just misuderstood plotline'' for Nagato,

    (4) Naruto using Odama Rasengan against Itachi (a shame when I found out it wasn't Itachi.

    (5)Jiraiya turning senin mode and laying the smack down on Pein

    (6) The deidera sasori arc

    (7)The tiny and insufficient trickle of information Kishi gives us about Yondaime including him being Naruto's father.

    (8) The introduction of killerbee

    (9) Raikage's introduction, I thought Raikage was a hot headed and mildly annoying character but i've grown to like him

    (10)Raikage smashing Sasgay, of course Kishi would not want anything to happened to his beloved Sasgay so he survived.

    (11)Naruto Warping 100 metres and taking Azura Realm Pein in one strike, of course Kishi, making the Naruto the one dimentional Kage Bushin/rasengan spammer that he is meant the rest of the fight was dull.

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    rock lee vs kimimaro
    the drunken rock lee was bad ass in motion in the anime. they need to have another full fight of rock lee doing drunken style

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    Zabuza's battle on the bridge is definitely up there. For the following reasons:

    *Sasuke's sharingan first appeared

    *Naruto's Kyuubi chakra emerged in a major way for first time

    *Got to see chidori for the first time

    *Best of all Naruto's heartfelt words brought out Zabuza's well hidden human side as he shed tears for his number one lackey who gave his life for Zabuza in that battle.

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    1. Naruto's first fight in the manga against Mizuki.
    2. Naruto's first Rasengan against Kabuto.
    3. Itachi's goodbye to Sasuke.
    4. Gaara's rebirth.
    5. Naruto standing up to Zabuza and getting back his headband, then him/Sasuke tag-teaming to free Kakashi from the water prison.
    6. Naruto's big Sage Mode appearance after Pain destroyed Konoha.
    7. Naruto and Jiraiya's training phases, all of them.
    8. Yamato during the trip to the Hot Springs. Funny couple of chapters.
    9. Kakashi's speech to Team 7 about never giving up on your comrades.
    10. Naruto vs. Gaara fight, Sasuke standing back in awe as Naruto kicks ass.

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    As far as fights go...I need to update my opinion.

    1.) Naruto vs Saskue pt1
    2.) Naruto vs Pein
    3.) Saskue vs Danzou.....Naruto's Pein fight was just a tad better.
    4.) Saskue vs Deidora.... blew my mind when I first saw it
    5.) Saskue and Orochimaru vs Itachi
    6.) Naruto vs Orochimaru....on the bridge...awesome fight
    7.) Naruto vs Kakuza...only because he unvieled FRS 4 the 1st time
    8.) Jariya vs Pein
    9.) Shodamaine(the 3rd) vs Orochimaru
    10.) Shikamaru vs Hidan...Shika is my dude
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    My personal favorite fight would have 2 be

    sasori vs sakura/grandma chiro

    Killerbee vs Sasuke

    Both good fights.
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    1. naruto getting head band from iruka.
    2. naruto vs gaara naruto summoning boss gama.
    3. introduction of yondaime.
    4. gaara making the sand to shake hand with naruto after gaara revival .
    5. the last speech of chiyo.
    6. valley of ends when sasuke cant kill naruto
    7. naruto vs neiji in battleground talk.
    8. all the scenes of naruto and hinata.
    9. kiba vs naruto naruto transformation.

    i hate.
    1. kisame coming back which makes raikage and 8tails as fools
    2. zetsu hyped so much and all he does is shitters.
    3. same variation of rasengan and kage bunshin of naruto.
    4. no naruto information on mom and dad.
    5. sadist itachi at sometimes(although i like him)
    6. making kakashi look weak with pain.
    7. tsunade in comma till now.
    8. ten ten and rock lee almost very predictable
    9. sasuke being demonstrated stupid.
    10. madara living till now and making him a old villian .
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    i love all moment in the story,

    every detail of the story is artistry
    especially is fight moments, it's really a work of shounen manga's art in its own right
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