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    Naruto classics

    The naruto manga was first serialized in Shonen jump in 1999. The rest was history.
    Nine years later, its the flagship manga of the popular magazine.

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss manga chapters that:
    (1) Defined the manga
    (2) Were important in catapulting its success.
    (3) Embodied the manga and made it what it is.

    In effect lets take a look at what drew us to start reading Naruto, and in particular, the specific chapters that proved to be defining moments for the whole manga.

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    Great Thread Atriede! I want to say definitely Chapter 279 and leading up to the beginning of Chapter 281. These chapters wrap up the end of the gaara arc which showed a defining moment in which Chiyo gave up her life for someone the village at one time thought was a monster in which they created and the whole entrusting the future to Naruto and Gaara which was sealed with a handshake that showed gratitude, trust, and most importantly unity. The mysterious power of Naruto being able to affect everyone in a positive way is what i think makes the manga what it is.
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    Hey Atriede, agreed. Great thread. Hope u don't mind, but I started with the US Anime version on the Zabuza arc. I remember thinking to myself how dumb the show was cos Naruto was in full idiot mode when I flipped to CN. For some reason though I kept watching n got so caught up in the Haku/Sasuke/Naruto fight and admiring Naruto for his never say die attitude even though he was stuck in a no win situation. His determination and desire to save Sasuke always stuck with me.
    After that, I started watching the sub-titled japanese version and then the Manga. Now, I'm hooked on waiting till Thursdays.

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    Atriede, Great thread. I started watching it on Cartoon network too when it first appeared. I used to watch anime whenever they appeared on tv, and at first i thought the show had a cool premise. The zabuza/haku arc was what got me hooked as well. Especially the moment when Naruto refused to kill Haku when he realized that they both were the same. They both had felt the same pain and trying to figure out why they were treated the way they were. He overcame his anger of trying to kill haku and was reluctant when haku asked him to do it eventually. Naruto showed true humanity, trying to sort out all the confusing emotions and choosing the right path. I've pretty much loved the whole series after that point. His story gets more and more intriguing and it's told brilliantly. A great scene was when Naruto was telling konohamaru that it takes hard work to become a better ninja and Sarutobi was watching them both, he realized at that point that he had instilled that will of fire in naruto and that he was meant for something great.

    Naruto's determination to never give up, his empathy towards other's pain and suffering, his mission to protect his friends and his village and his desire to fulfill his one goal to become hokage define the manga basically. Naruto has always walked the right path no matter how hard it's been. Some other moments that embodied the spirit of the manga, Sarutobi's death, Asuma's death, Jiraiya's death, Sasuke leaving and Naruto's promise to sakura to bring him back even he had feelings for sakura as well. And the VOTE fight at the end when Naruto realized he had to help his friends at all costs cause that's all he had left. Sarutobi described it best, the true strength of a shinobi comes from those he's trying to protect.
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    I don't know if I would say specific chapters but more so specific parts. Among them I would list:

    When Naruto yells at the kid Inari who has basically given up on heroes and Naruto walks out on him after telling him off. Kakashi then goes out and talks to Inari and tells a bit about Naruto's past. That was the moment I really started to appreciate Naruto as a character.

    Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura's first meeting and battle with Orochimaru during the chuunin exams. This was great on many levels, it brought out a different side of Sasuke, forced Sakura to take action for a change and brought out a powerful side of Naruto as well (not just physically but personality wise as well). This was an awesome way to introduce the first major villain of the series and was one of those moments that really pushed the story forward. This was around the point I really started to love the series.

    Kabuto being revealed as a villain throughout the chuunin exams. So many awesome little moments with Kabuto just being cool during this period. I still think he is one of the characters with the most unrealized potential. I read the chuunin exam chapters recently and there are so many subtle comments that raise questions about who Kabuto really is and what he is all about. I really hope a lot more of this is built upon even though it seems to have become less likely as of late.

    Rock Lee's battle with Gaara, this moment was huge for Rock Lee not only was it a good fight, the flash backs about Lee's past were fantastic and really brought a lot to his character. It was also a great moment for Gaara, showcasing his brutality yet at the same time giving subtle insights into his character.

    Naruto's fight with Neji, definitely a powerful moment that really defined both of their characters, too clashing ideologies both coming from a genuine place. I really miss the moments like this that Naruto used to have with other characters.

    Naruto's battle with Gaara, not one of my favorites in terms of the fight itself but what it did for both of these characters was unforgettable. The looks into Gaara's past and childhood were some of the most compelling in the series and even though I already liked Gaara they gave me whole new appreciation for him. It took what seemed on the surface like a blood thirsty vicious killer and brought total empathy to him. Naruto's flash backs during this sentiments and flashback during this battle were also spoke volumes about his character.

    Itachi's return to Konoha was definitely a cool moment. It was awesome to see him easily brush aside Kurenai and Kakashi while hardly lifting a finger. It was the first time in the manga I can think of that a ninja of Kakashi's level is shown being overcome so easily. Much like with Orochimaru, Itachi's appearance had a massive impact on the story and most of the main characters.

    Sakura's confession to Sasuke as he left Konoha. As much as I am sure some people hated this, I honestly found it to be one of Sakura's most significant scenes in the manga. In a genre that is typically full of stale semi-relationships that never really amount to anything and tend to be full of trite exchanges with no impact, this scene broke a barrier. This was the first time in the manga that I actually took Sakura's feelings for Sasuke seriously and I was honestly surprised that it actually happened. It was a totally desperate and sincere moment for her and marked a turning point. It finally presented Sakura's feelings as more than what I would have previously referred to a playground relationship.

    Neji's battle with Kidoumaru, this was definitely Neji's best fight in the series and was one of my favorite battles in part 1. On top of being a great fight it showed how Neji had been effected by Naruto and how his ideologies had evolved. It was also one of the first nearly dead even, hardcore, fights to the death.

    Kimimaro's battle with Gaara. This is one of those parts that was just awesome all round, one of the best fights in part one, if not the best. Kimimaro was an incredibly interesting character who had a story that I found was very unique. His flashbacks and view of Orochimaru gave a whole new perspective and insight into Orochimaru's character, a view very different from that typically expressed. Seeing Kimimaro's childhood and learning how he came to be was really interesting. The little comments and thoughts between Kimimaro and Gaara were also very cool. The reunion of Gaara and Rock Lee was also good and brought up some interesting topics.

    Sasuke's flashback about he and Itachi and the Uchiha massacre, is one of my favorite parts in the manga. It's darker than the manga usually is and gives a lot of insight into both Sasuke and Itachi. Moments such as when Itachi looks at his father with the mangekyou sharingan for the first time and when Sasuke comes home to find the clan wiped out and walks in on Itachi standing over his dead parents are unforgettable.

    Naruto and Sasuke's battle was obviously a huge moment in the Manga, massive for bother their characters. I liked that it was a moment that really changed everything, I remember at the time many people thought Sasuke would ultimately be brought back to Konoha. I am very pleased that didn't happen, it wouldn't have had nearly the impact.

    Those are the major highlights of part 1, I could go further but I will end it there for now and maybe comment on my favorite moments from Part 2 some other time.

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    Hmm to me what truly made Naruto so huge was the justsus and the sharingan I mean that was what initally drew me into reading it was the forest of death fight between Oro and sasuke

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    I think what drew me into this manga was zabuza and haku and how they felt about each other. I loved naruto from that chapter.

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    well i think artifice stated all the important events in part-1 (almost
    so i m just gonna refer to the events that hooked me on this manga

    sasuke-naruto vs haku - totally awesome.....
    sasuke almost dying protecting naruto sake n saying "i .....hated you".....
    n to follow it up.....first appearance of kyubi......
    n haku's sentiments during his talk with naruto....
    after this arc, i was totally hooked

    n to follow it up......
    the chunin exams.......
    first off, sasuke getting scared - this said out loud that sasuke is a flawed character
    naruto sticking up for sasuke.....their rivalry started for real after this
    sakura's turn of character against the 3 sound nins.....made me think that she's not totally useless......
    n then the preliminary exams........
    where all the characters were given equal limelight........this really made the story interesting
    n then the fight lee vs fight of the series so far in my opinion....
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    my favorite as definatley the Zabuza arc. He may have not been any where near the strongest villain in the manga. But he is definatley one of my favorite. Zabuza was badass with a cool sword. When he first appeared Sasuke pissed his pants. You cant beat that.

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    one of the parts that made me like naruto was the zabuza arc. naruto and haku's fight was really cool. but my favorite part was the chuunin exam, expecially lee and gaara's fight, and also naruto and gaara's fight. when i saw the anime version of naruto v. gaara i was amazed. i mean we actually saw naruto do cool stuff. most of naruto's pretime skip fights were pretty good and they got me into the anime/manga. i just hate how kishi has screwed naruto over by making him in my opinion weaker post time skip as opposed to pre-time skip.


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