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    took out the game, it sucks anyways, and no one was doing it

    __________________________________________________ ______

    The ranks will resemble the same ranks as in the anime/manga.
    If you want to be a member post your rank if still available.
    Here is how it’s going to go for each village.
    Kage > Hidden Village Councils > ANBU > Jounin > Chuunin> Genin.

    If you want to be a Kage for another village you can be If available.

    (Edit: about the ANBU, only for leaf village
    the other villages can make their own special team)

    Anyone can Join


    Leaf Village [Konohagakure]
    Hokage: Diesuke ,
    Hidden Village Council: Pix,
    ANBU: stephanus_87, Narasuke, Yagami Raito
    Jounin: jja, Moonlightangel, akatsoki
    Konoha Military Police Force (uchiha) : Rasenshuriken88 (captain), PainLessSacRifiCe, Itachi 47

    Mist Village [Kirigakure]
    Mizukage: emer
    Council: Damon Max
    Seven Swordsman: POW, Psycho

    Sand Village [Sunagakure]
    Kazekage: gdupninja
    Hidden Village Council: kai205
    ANBU: Gaaralostfriend, Jiino aka Zanmato (gin0va), Yang,
    Ally: E S P A D A

    Cloud Village [Kumogakure]
    Raikage: tatsukai1990
    ANBU: Naruto Namikaze

    Rock Village
    ANBU: PeIn-

    Leader: Whitebeard (Finger Position: Right Thumb)
    Member: Sushi (Finger Position: Right Index)
    Member: samurai ( Finger Position: Left Thumb)
    Member: Itachi8 (Finger Position: Right Ring Finger)
    Member: Scoria (Finger Position: ¿?)
    Member: FinalDestiny (Finger Position: ¿?)
    Member: Kenki (Finger Position: Left Ring Finger)
    Member: Monkey D. Dragon ( Finger Position:Right Hand Middle)

    Leaf Village&Sand Village
    Leaf Village&Mist Village
    Cloud Village&Rain Village

    Ichibi: LordCaedus
    Nibi: Sushi
    Sanbi: Damon Max
    Yonbi: tatsukai1990
    Kyuubi: Whitebeard

    Rounin Ninja
    Rounin: damnz
    Rounin: Ita_kis (until specified which position)
    Rounin: The Archangel

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