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    Fairy Tail 305 Discussion/306 Predictions

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    Holy crap! Mavis playing Chess and formulating equations for precisions...this is great. I'd like to see a small arc of Mavis's past and her battles at conquering foes and what not. It would seem that there is more to her than just being the 1st guild leader.

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    She's a freaking computer, what a weird personality to match that brain of her's.
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    I see, for an intelligent person with great analytical skills, her magic of choice is quite interesting, since it is depended on will and bonds, things that cannot be calculated.

    Where is Jellal ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Where is Jellal ?
    It's got to do with that mysterious girl. I think when Jellal was told what's to come they decided not to interfere with her plans, otherwise they would've told Fairy Tail what's going to happen.

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    Why is Sabretooth NOT a dark Guild?

    The Master Killed a Cat (still a member, even if it's an Exceed). In turn a Member (Sting?) killed the Master, and what happened ? The Evil Wich of The East said "Good"?

    Why are they not a Dark Guild?
    Is Minerva somehow connected to Zeref? She's certainly cruel enough.

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