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A lot of people take the Kono to refer to person in particular. However, He is refering to "This power of Uchiha Madara" Wouldn't this power be the Sharingan itself?

Most of your post I agree with, He does have the power of Madara, however, that doesn't mean he IS madara. I'm not arguing that he doesn't have Madaras power, or that he was referring to someone else.

The line is Indicating that Tobi has Madara's "Legacy" of the Sharingan, however, indicating that he is in fact, not Madara.
Fair enough. I guess I misread your previous post as implying that Tobi didn't necessarily have Madara's power. But if all you're arguing is that Tobi is not/might not be Madara, then I can't complain about that