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    Quote Originally Posted by Asce View Post
    He's got a new custom title for it now.

    Also, it's come to my attention that according to the chart, when two emo people mate (Itachi and Pain) you somehow arrive at a half-fish merman (Kisame).
    So if we get a half-fish merman to mate with another emo, I wonder what we'd get? I think we need some yaoi fangirls to make some SasukexKisame so we can find out what you get when a half-fish merman and an emo mate. I wonder if the offspring will be more fish-like?

    After discussion on IRC, we were able to determine what happens when certain characters mate.

    A half-fish merman and another emo make a slutty female ninja (Karin).

    A snake-man and a puppet-man make a medical ninja (Kabuto).

    Therefore, we can conclude that Tsunade's dad is a slug-man (because slugs are similar to snakes, which is why she has big breasts) and her mom is Chiyo from the Sand Village.
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