Oh yea that chart totally makes sense, heres how it works:

Ok since, Pien is the leader of Akatsuki he is obvious the father of the family. And since we know that Pien is Naruto's uncle (spiky hair is genetic) and we know Akatsuki is a family one could conclude that Konan is Piens sister, therefore she is Naruto's mother. Since, Itachi wears make-up and stockings, he is obviously Pien's wife. From there we can conclude that the rest of Akatsuki is the fruit of their loins.

Kisame is the youngest child because he is a momma's boy. He always hangs around Itachi. Never leaving her side. Deidara is the jealous aunt. She is jealous of Itachi for getting Pien, so she wants revenge. Hence her hatred of her sister Itachi. Orochimaru got knocked from her brother Sasori. Because of this she outcasted from the family. Many months later, she gave birth to her son Kabuto. Zetsu is the bi-polar (obviously because he has a two-colored face) emo teen. Tobi is the retarded daughter who played in the street a little too much when she was young and got half her face torn off. Deidara, after being furious with not being able to get any, turned to her neice Tobi for lesbian sex. From their escapades Hidan was born. He wasn't into girl like all the normal boys and he decided to have a gay marriage with Kakuzu. Thus he entered the family.

From this we can conclude the single most important fact of all Naruto. Since Konan is naruto's mother, Pien is his uncle, Irachi's is Pein's wife, and Sasuke is Itachi's brother, we can conclude that Sasuke is indeed Naruto's Uncle.

So because of this Akatsuki's real goal is to save their long lost cousin from the ever longing despair of the Kyuubi.